DIY Ninja Game

DIY Ninja Star Throwing Game and more ninja ideas at #ninja #printable

Since I read to my boys all the time when they were babies and toddlers, I really thought they would grow to love reading. But the truth is they don’t. (At least not yet.) So I’ve had to get creative. I’ve been trying to come up with activities we can do that correspond with our current nighttime reading. I’ve found my boys are more excited to read (and even listen to) books when they know the storyline will inspire fun experiments, games, snacks and more.

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Most recently we read Night of the Ninjas from Mary Pope Osborne’s Magic Tree House Series. Are you familiar with this series? Magic Tree House books are simple chapter books for early readers. The fun, descriptive story lines transport readers to different cultures and time periods as they travel with siblings Jack and Annie.

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Changing of the Guard

Buckingham Palace Queens Guard Craft Figurine London England

Buckingham Palace Queens Guard Craft Figurine London England #olympics #london

The Olympics provide such a great opportunity to teach children about other countries, which is why I love the international flag sugar cookies from this Olympic-themed party (also check out the Olympic Ring Wreaths on the wall — SO CUTE!) Since the Summer Games are in London this year, I wanted to do something fun with my boys that would help them learn a little more about England.

When we go to visit some day one of the must see things for my boys will be the changing of the guard at Buckingham Palace. Around Christmas time you’ll often see toy soldier ornaments made out of old fashioned clothespins, I knew my boys would love playing with an troop of the clothespin Queen’s Guard soldiers so I decided we should make a bunch.

Make Queen's Guard Soldiers Kids Craft London England Buckingham Palace Changing of the Guard #olympics #london

Begin by painting the top section of the clothespin with red acrylic craft paint.

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Worksheet Wednesday: Intro to Compasses

Since Liam’s last day of school is tomorrow (YIPPEE!!!), we’ve been busy making summer plans. Between all our vacation phrasings (up north to the cabin… down south to the time share… west to Santa Monica… northeast to Chicago… northwest to Nana’s—yes, we travel a lot), Harrison has started using these directional phrases. (My favorite being this demand: Do that on my EAST hand!) Although Liam understands directions remarkably well, Master Harrison — still just three years old — hasn’t grasped the concept quite yet.

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