Math Facts Cake Walk for Class Parties

Math Facts Cake Walk Free Printables #halloween #classparty #cakewalk

As Bettijo and I were discussing her girls’ upcoming class Fall Festival parties, I just knew her parties needed a fun math game. So, I revisited our previously posted Printable Halloween Carnival Cake Walk Kit to make it classroom friendly. Our new Classroom Edition features numbers 1-30 to enable the entire class to participate and simple addition, math fact problems to make it teacher approved!

TO MAKE: Download our Printable Halloween Cupcake Walk Kit: Classroom Edition. It includes full-page numbers 1-30 for students to stand on as well as simple addition problems with sums of 1-30 for drawing the winner. Tape full-page numbers to the ground in a circle. Cut the math fact problems apart and stash in a tin.

TO PLAY: Have the students walk around the numbered circle while you play music. When the music stops, each student should select a number to stand on. Draw a math problem from a tin. Call out the math fact question. The player standing on the correct sum wins a cupcake!

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