How to do a Halloween Cake Walk

Have you ever done a cakewalk? I remember as a kid, this was one of my favorite games at the school Halloween carnival. Hosting a cakewalk is easy, especially with my free printable Halloween Cakewalk Kit. Here how to do a Halloween Cake Walk.

Halloween Cake Walk Kit - free printables

First a bit of history, it turns out cakewalks aren’t just for Halloween, in the early 1900s they were common at carnivals in bazaars in America. For some reason though they have stuck around as a Halloween tradition.

How to Do a Cakewalk

The play is very similar to musical chairs. Participants walk around a circle of numbers on the floor, stepping from one number to the next, while the music plays. When the music stops, each player stops on a number. Then the host draws a number, and the player standing on that number wins. I’ve create this classic Halloween Cakewalk Kit perfect to use at your little one’s school party or at your own Halloween bash.

Free Printable Halloween Cake Walk Kit from @PagingSupermom

If you are hosting a cakewalk for a Halloween class party, you can incorporate math facts for some educational fun. This kit also has calling cards that are math problems. Instead of just drawing out a number, the host calls out the problem, and the child standing on the correct answer wins.

Math Facts Halloween Cupcake Walk

How to Assemble Your Cake Walk

With my free printable kit, this game is super simple to put together. Download my Halloween Carnival Cupcake Walk Kit. It includes full-page numbers 1-30 for players to stand on as well as mini numbers or math problems for drawing the winner. Tape full-page numbers to the ground in a circle. Cut the small numbers apart and stash in a tin. You’ll also need plenty of cupcakes for prizes.

Download the Halloween Cake Walk Kit

Free Printable Halloween Cake Walk Kit from @PagingSupermom
Free Printable Halloween Cake Walk Kit from @PagingSupermom

Halloween Cake Walk Prizes

Traditionally the winner of a cakewalk got to take home a whole cake, pie or other treat. For your Halloween Cake Walk, a cupcake is the perfect prize! I love these cute orange tubs and dome lids for packaging up the cupcakes to take home.

My Halloween Cake Walk kit also includes a free printable cupcake topper flag and “Happy Halloween” sticker strips. Go here for more carnival-inspired Halloween ideas.

Free Printable Halloween Cake Walk Kit from @PagingSupermom

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