“You’re the Cat’s Meow” Valentines

Cats Meow Free Printable Valentine 2

You may not know that Aimée’s little Harrison is obsessed with cats. I’ve been told that his classmates actually “Meow!” to greet him. Since he’s just five, it’s all perfectly adorable, and of course, he must pass out a cat valentine to his friends.


Last year Aimée created this adorable “You are the Cat’s Meow” tag for Harrison to package up with little toy cats for his class. They were a big hit and equally loved by boys and girls.

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Shark Class Valentine

Free Printable Shark Valentine 5

My boys and their friends are obsessed with sharks. After all, what’s not to love about a giant animal with thousands of teeth ready to bite you? So last year Harrison’s buddy enlisted my help for a shark valentine printable. Of course, I was happy to oblige.

Free printable shark class valentine from @PagingSupermom

Although these squirter sharks are really water toys, around here they spend most of their time attacking various Lego Minifigs on dry land.

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Super-Easy Class Valentines

Free Printable Sticker Valentine 4

We’ve got several new class valentines to share, but a cold has been making its way through our house and finally caught up to me earlier this week. I’m running a few days behind, but we didn’t want to keep you all waiting any longer. Today we are sharing a super-versatile class valentine template that works for any little stickers you come across.

Lots of cute class valentine ideas including this super easy template to give with stickers via @PagingSupermom

We found these square sticker packs at both Target and Wal-Mart, but if you can’t find square ones you can always cut sticker sheets down to fit. Those ADORABLE robot and rocket puffy stickers were a must for Rockwell since his nickname is rocket. They even have glitter and real googly eyes so naturally we bought a bunch.

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“Love is Complicated” Class Valentine

Rubiks Cube Valentine 1

As a mom of boys, I’m adamant that we share a fantastic boy Valentine each year. Our Boy’s Valentine from last year still has me giggling, but truth be told: last year Liam had a last-minute mind change and instead of passing out whoopie cushions he passed out these: slightly nerdy (but in a totally good way) mini Rubik’s inspired puzzle cubes. They were a hit!!
Cute Boys Valentine with a mini Rubik's Cube at PagingSupermom.com #valentines

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