Easy Apple Craft


We are making another television appearance on Phoenix’s NBC Arizona Midday program TODAY! If you’re local be sure to tune in to Channel 12 at 1 pm to see us. (Fingers crossed they will put our segment online like last time, but no promises.)

Mini Paper Plate Apples #preschool #applecraft #backtoschool #fall #apples

We will be sharing some of our back to school ideas including our Notebook Paper Banner and Lunchbox Jokes. We will also be showing how to make this adorable apple craft — the perfect activity to do with your pre-schooler who is probably feeling lonely now that all the his/her siblings are back in class.

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2012 First Day of School Signs


Find our 2013 First Day of School signs here.

Aimee’s back to school photo signs were a hit last year, and we’ve already had requests for 2012 versions. We’re happy to oblige! Our kids won’t be heading back to school for another week so today we did a little dress rehearsal of the first day of school. Can I just tell you that a photoshoot in 100+ degree weather is brutal?! We had to cool off with popsicles afterward.

Free First Day Of School Photo Signs Printable for Every Grade! #backtoschool #back2school

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Preschool Graduation Goodies


Aimée mentioned yesterday that we have some super-cool preschool graduation ideas. We’re sharing them today over on One Charming Party, and here’s why: at each holiday party for Piper’s preschool class this year, I have re-created ideas from One Charming Party — like the Popcorn Turkey and Donut Tree — and I’ve developed a bit of a reputation. Now everyone is expecting something spectacular for Preschool Graduation. The problem? There aren’t any preschool graduation party ideas on One Charming Party… yet!

Preschool Graduation Party Treat Ideas

After racking my brain for ideas and coming up completely blank, it hit me

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