Worksheet Wednesday: How To Draw A Star

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Learning to draw a star provides a huge sense of accomplishment. I mean, it’s a star — the five simple crossing lines that magically create the doodle of all doodles, right? I vividly remember learning to draw a star when I was younger and the excitement I felt. Do you?


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Star & Stripes Patriotic Wand Tutorial

Stars And Stripes Wand 6

DIY stars and stripes patriotic wand for the fourth of July

Since I’m a Mom of boys, Bettijo giggled a little when I showed up to a recent photoshoot with our Stars & Stripes Patriotic Wand. After all, frilly wands are clearly for girls, right? But I just really wanted to make this! I can imagine all sorts of cute little girls in patriotic sun dresses twirling around with this adorable wand in hand, cheering on the local Fourth of July parade and anxiously awaiting firework shows. Oh, it’s just perfect in my head! (And, don’t worry it wasn’t all for nothing, my boys have had lots of fun using this as a sword!)

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