Worksheet Wednesday: How To Draw A Star

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Learning to draw a star provides a huge sense of accomplishment. I mean, it’s a star — the five simple crossing lines that magically create the doodle of all doodles, right? I vividly remember learning to draw a star when I was younger and the excitement I felt. Do you?


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Star & Stripes Patriotic Wand Tutorial

Stars And Stripes Wand 6

DIY stars and stripes patriotic wand for the fourth of July

Since I’m a Mom of boys, Bettijo giggled a little when I showed up to a recent photoshoot with our Stars & Stripes Patriotic Wand. After all, frilly wands are clearly for girls, right? But I just really wanted to make this! I can imagine all sorts of cute little girls in patriotic sun dresses twirling around with this adorable wand in hand, cheering on the local Fourth of July parade and anxiously awaiting firework shows. Oh, it’s just perfect in my head! (And, don’t worry it wasn’t all for nothing, my boys have had lots of fun using this as a sword!)

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Free Printable Statue of Liberty Crown

Free Printable Statue Of Liberty Crown

Today is another Printable Blog Hop! Just in time for the Fourth of July, today’s blog hop includes 12 fun Patriotic printables from our blogger friends.

How to Make a Statue of Liberty Crown at

First off, how cute is Miss Modette wearing our free printable Statue of Liberty Crown? This has to be one of the coolest printables we’ve offered in a while. I know all my kiddos will love wearing these to go watch the fireworks on July 4th. Since it turned out so neat we decided to also include a sheet of extra extension bands so the crown can be sized for adults (you know, because I want to wear it too!)

Free Printable Statue of Liberty Crown at PagingSupermom.com12 Free Patriotic Printables at

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8 Freebies for the Fourth of July!

July Fourth Patriotic Parade Fan 7

We have teamed up with some of our blogging buddies to create and share a collection of new and free printables each month. Today we are sharing eight Patriotic #FabFreebies beginning with our Patriotic Parade Fan.

Free Printable Parade Fan for the Fourth of July via @PagingSupermom #july4th

These fans are so festive and fun but they are incredibly easy to make. All you need is our free printable template, sticks and glue!

Free Printable Parade Fan for the Fourth of July via @PagingSupermom #july4th

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