July 4th USA Trivia Water Bottle Wraps

Want a fun way to test your families USA knowledge plus make things more festive for your Fourth of July celebration? Check out my free printable July 4th Water Bottle Wraps featuring USA Trivia.

July 4th Water Bottle Wraps with USA Trivia - free printable from @PagingSupermom

As a homeschooling mom, I love finding fun ways to incorporate something educational, and July 4th seems like the perfect day for a little USA pop quiz. In the download file, I also included a page of stars-and-stripes July 4th Water Bottle labels without the words, if the trivia just isn’t your style.

My husband is a big history buff, and he helped me come up with a dozen USA quiz questions. I didn’t want them to be too hard or too easy. We focused on USA Trivia that most adults probably know, but don’t be ashamed if you’re stumped on a couple. Don’t worry we also included the answers on the template! ;)

July 4th Water Bottle Wraps with USA Trivia - free printable from @PagingSupermom

TO MAKE: It’s really easy to assemble your July 4th Water Bottles. I recommend buying a generic brand of water bottles because I prefer the style of classic water bottles. Plus the labels are easier to peel off!

Print the July 4th Water Bottle labels template on regular paper then cut out each label. Wrap around your peeled water bottles and secure with double-sided tape.

July 4th Water Bottle Wraps test your USA knowledge - FREE PRINTABLE via @PagingSupermom Download Free Printable USA Water Bottle Template

When I have shared water bottle wraps in the past I’ve had people ask if they should print on adhesive paper. I just use regular paper because it’s SO much cheaper. And water bottle wraps are so temporary — they end up in the trash pretty quickly so it just doesn’t seem like a good investment.

July 4th Water Bottle Wraps with USA Trivia - free printable from @PagingSupermom

I did used to stress about making my labels water proof, but it is a lot more work to put packing tape over the top of the labels, and waterproof paper is so pricey too. I’ve never found a great option; so I just refrigerate my wrapped water bottles ahead of time. This way I can serve them chilled without getting wet. Typically I put any sodas in the ice bucket and put water bottles at the place setting or on a platter by the food. If you really want to go the ice bucket route, I’d just skip the water bottle wraps (but always peel off any label… plain water bottles are much cuter!)

Since the USA Trivia acts as a fun conversation starter, I think these July 4th Water Bottles withare perfect to put at each place setting.

July 4th Water Bottle Labels with USA Trivia - free printable from @PagingSupermom

I have found one trick to help with water: if you print your July 4th Water Bottle Wraps with a laser printer (like at a copy center) they hold up much better; rather than inkjet, which is what most home printers are. The inkjet prints will run as soon as a bit of water drops on it.

The stars-and-stripes design on these July 4th Water Bottle Wraps coordinates perfectly with my free printable USA Banner and July 4th parade fans. In the image below the navy blue looks darker, another perk to laser prints vs. inkjet prints, which are what I used for the party. Just make sure you do all your party prints on one or the other and your colors will match.

USA Pennants for a Patriotic Bunting for July 4th via @PagingSupermom

Download Free Printable USA Water Bottle Template

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