Fourth of July Cap DIY

Patriotic Cap Tutorial from Small Fry via @PagingSupermom

We are happy to welcome our friends from Small Fry today. These ladies have such fab, modern style, and today they are sharing with us a cool July 4th DIY project. Take it away Emily…

Hello, my name is Emily, and I along with Nicole and Jenna, run Small Fry, a children’s lifestyle blog. We have six boys between us, and cover everything from fashion, recipes, parties, film, fun and adventure. Really anything that helps us better celebrate our time with our young kids!

Patriotic Cap Tutorial from Small Fry via @PagingSupermom

Fourth of July is one of those holidays where dressing up is encouraged. Showing patriotism only adds to the fun of the day, but spending a lot of money on those one-time wear items is silly! Here is a quick, at-home DIY that costs about a dollar or less.

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