How to Customize an IKEA Wall Clock

I am totally in love with the oversized wall clock in my new kitchen. It’s an IKEA hack and super easy to make using the free printable clock face I designed. Quite a few of my friends want to make their own clock, and I figured all of you cyber buddies might be interested as well. I created a step-by-step tutorial and shared it over on Classy Clutter last week, but I wanted to be sure you saw it.


I spent literally hours online trying to hunt down a 24-inch wall clock that I loved. The only clock I found that I liked was this one that costs roughly $300. I was pretty exhausted after all the other projects for the kitchen, so I actually considered just purchasing the clock. However our kitchen clock HAD to be yellow, and I just couldn’t convince my husband that it was a good idea to spray paint a new, $300 clock.

So EASY to Customize and IKEA Wall Clock -- free printable from @PagingSupermom

I’m so glad I didn’t settle. I was able to create the EXACT clock face I wanted, and it looks so good. I made this clock for less than $65 (including the $50 IKEA Bravur clock). You’re going to be so excited when you see how easy it is to customize your own Ikea clock.

I need to do this IKEA Wall Clock Hack!

Seriously the hardest part was designing the clock face, and I’ve already done that for you, and of course I’m sharing the free printable template. Did you notice the “Tick Tock” message on my clock? We had so much fun thinking of possible messages, and the download file includes 10 clock faces with different messages to choose from. Head over to Classy Clutter for all the details and to get the download.

So EASY to Customize and IKEA Wall Clock -- free printable from @PagingSupermom

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  2. Help! I’ve followed the link to Classy Clutter but no matter how I try I can’t get the whole article or the free printable to show up. I know the post is a couple years old, but I LOVE this and would love to use your fantastic printable for my project! Am I missing something?!

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