Not Again!

I know the simplest solution would be to just get rid of all the permanent markers in the house, but I need them for work, so that just isn’t an option.

First the walls, then the sofa, the floor and now her jeans and a t-shirt. The solution for the sofa was to turn the cushions over. For the wall the magic eraser did the trick. The floor was a little tougher, but nail polish remover saved the day.

So when Piper got a hold of a permanent marker AGAIN this morning and wrote on her jeans and shirt, I tried to stay calm and googled “remove permanent marker clothes.” The suggestions: nail polish remover, hairspray and Dawn dish detergent.

So I’ve been upstairs in the bathroom scrubbing and now my hands are all dry feeling and reek of nail polish remover… and still no luck removing the mark. Way to go Piper — this time your permanent marker has stuck.

Bettijo Bridges

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  1. LOL! Seriously? Seriously? That girl can get her hands on anything. It’s like a full time job. We love you though Pip! (and love when you come to play!)

  2. When the Lord said that He would provide “opposition in all things” somehow I just didn’t envision a two year old… but alas His ways are not my ways. But I know that He loves me (and Piper) and has provides all this that we may grow.

    I love you too.


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