Canned Strawberry Jam

How to Can Strawberry Jam at #canning #strawberryjam #gifts

Making your own canned jam is definitely a Supermom Moment and with the holidays quickly approaching it would be a great neighbor or hostess gift to have handy. Using this easy self-sealing method, there is no special canning equipment required!

the easy way to Can Strawberry Jam at #canning #strawberryjam #gifts

You’ll need about 4 pints of ripe strawberries. Begin by washing and hulling the berries. Then mash them up. Do not use a blender; for jam you want and uneven and chunky texture.

Canned Strawberry Jam Tutorial #strawberries #jam #recipes #tutorials

Before cooking the jam, make sure jars and sealing lids are totally clean — do a boiling water bath or wash them alone using the “sanitize” cycle on your dishwasher.

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