One Easter Tag, Four Ways

When holidays come, it seems like Moms always spend an evening packaging gifts — whether those gifts are for teachers, soccer coaches, neighbors, friends or even our own kids. A little homemade embellishment will come in handy, right?

eater gift ideas with free printable at #easter #printable #gift

Today I’m sharing my simple go-to “Happy Easter” Free Printable Tags. Print out and secure it with washi tape for a wrap-around tag on a pinwheel (or lollipop). When printed on full-sheet sticker paper, it becomes a perfect label on a jar of goodies (or seal for an envelope). Punch a hole on the end and secure it with twine to a jump rope, pile of sidewalk chalk or other spring-time toy. The uses are endless!

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4 thoughts on “One Easter Tag, Four Ways”

  1. Thank you for the free Easter printables..those
    jars with candy eggs in them are Soo-o cute!
    I think I’ll be making these for Easter brunch.

    Kelli Girsch –


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