Make Easter Egg Dye Recipe + More Easter Basics

I try to keep our Easter festivities fairly simple so we can appreciate the reverent side of this special holiday, focused on our Savior’s atonement. In the spirit of simplifying, I thought I’d pull together in one place, the must-have recipes (including how to make easter egg dye!) I use for our family’s Easter celebrations. Here you go…

Make Easter Egg Dye with our DIY Easter Egg Dye Recipe at

Making dyed Easter eggs is one of my family’s favorite traditions. We stopped buying the egg dye packages a few years ago because I learned it is surprisingly easy to make Easter Egg Dye from scratch! Get my homemade easter egg dye recipe it creates vibrant eggs every time, and it’s so fun to mix up your own custom colors of egg dye.

How to perfectly Hard-Boil Eggs recipe from #eggs #easter #eggdecorating

Don’t know how to hard-boil eggs? You’re not alone! I didn’t either until Aimee taught me how using her family’s tried and true recipe for perfect hard-boiled eggs.

DIY Easter Egg Drying Rack from #easter #eastereggs

Here’s an idea to help you contain the mess when your family dyes Easter eggs.

Free Printable Hop, Hop, Hop Easter Banner

The quickest way to get the house feeling festive — download, print and assemble this free printable Hop, Hop, Hop Easter Banner.

Free Printable Bunny Ears PLUS 7 other animal templates via @PagingSupermom

We have lots of different Free Printable Bunny Ears to choose from… look here and here.

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