Free Printable Branding Worksheet

I’ve got a free printable branding worksheet to share with you all today. I just returned from SNAP conference last weekend, and it was such a blast. I really enjoyed seeing a lot of my old friends, and I made quite a few new friends. I took several classes on video making, largely inspired by my kiddos who are dying to hop onto YouTube like the rest of their generation LOL!

I headed up the SNAP business card design contest, and it was fun to collect and go through all the cards. I made this branding worksheet to share with the SNAP attendees, but since it seems like almost everyone has some kind of business these days, I wanted to share it with you all as well.

Free Printable Branding Worksheet via @PagingSupermom

Branding has become such a buzz word, and it can be confusing. Some people think your brand is the same thing as your logo; yet branding includes so much more. Your brand is intangible — it is an expectation that you establish with your audience. Even if you choose not to put any thought or effort into your brand, it still exists. It is your identity. What your audience, customers or associates perceive, both visually and emotionally, when they engage with you on your blog, social media feed, etc. Most of us probably wouldn’t want unprofessional or disorganized to be part of our branding, yet if you consider some of the businesses you’ve had personal experience with, those characteristics can certainly creep in, especially if you don’t take charge of your branding.

I have created this free branding worksheet to help you do a quick brand inventory. You’ll probably be able to answer a lot of these questions fairly easily, but it’s so smart to get it all out in front of you and look for inconsistencies. When it comes to branding, consistency is key!

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