How to Make Easter Egg Dye

Continuing with our week of Easter Basics… now that you know how to hard-boil eggs, we figured it would be fun to share how to make your own Easter Egg Dye. This recipe will come in handy should you forget to buy one of those packets with the dye tablets (like I did last year), but actually I am so happy I forgot because it forced me to learn how to make egg dye. It is surprisingly easy, and when you make it yourself you can create fun, custom colors!

Make Custom Colors with this DIY Easter Egg Dye Recipe at #eastereggs #easter #recipes

A separate container is needed for each color of Easter egg dye. Note that plastic or ceramic containers may be ruined by dye. We prefer wide-mouth mason jars because we have several of them handy and the glass is sturdy. You may cut the dye recipe in half or double to suit the size of your container.

Basic Easter Egg Dye Recipe

:: 1 cup boiling water
:: 2 teaspoon white vinegar
:: 10-20 drops food coloring

Add ingredients to desired container and mix well. Repeat for each color. Dip hard-boiled eggs in dye for 5 minutes or longer to achieve desired color vibrancy. Let dry.

Make Custom Colors with this DIY Easter Egg Dye Recipe at #eastereggs #easter #recipes

How to Custom Mix Easter Egg Dye Colors

You can make dye in just the primary colors that came in your food color set, but the fun really begins when you start mixing things together! Try the combinations below to or mix up your own custom blends. We love to use the Neon food coloring set for an added range of color options.

ORANGE :: 17 yellow + 3 red
RASPBERRY :: 14 red + 6 blue
PLUM :: 10 red + 4 blue
PURPLE :: 15 blue + 5 red
TEAL :: 15 green + 5 blue
MINT :: 12 green + 4 yellow + 2 blue
LIME :: 15 yellow + 5 green

UPDATE: Here’s a handy color chart we just found from McCormick:

How to Make Your own Easter Egg Dye -- it's easy! via @PagingSupermom

Don’t know how to Hard-Boil Eggs? We can help!

How to perfectly Hard-Boil Eggs recipe from #eggs #easter #eggdecorating

12 thoughts on “How to Make Easter Egg Dye”

  1. Oh thank goodness! We went out of town for Easter, and my 5-year-old has NOT forgotten that he didn’t get to color Easter eggs. Off to get the required ingredients a week late! THANKS!!

  2. Good idea ! And how to make the dots and lines on it ? I like them exacly how they look ,Happy Easter and thank you!

    • There are lots of way to add patterns — our favorite technique is to use adhesive vinyl (like the kind used in Cricut or Silhouette machines) then cut to your desired shape. Stick these on to act as a resist. There is also the white crayon trick! Oh and try rubber bands — lots of fun there!

  3. Well I used the food dye this year. They were both the regular food colors and also had a bunch of Wilton colors. The eggs turned out beautiful and vibrant. But…..I put the eggs in the frig for the next day, and when I put them on the table they started to show condensation. It was like the colors were just bubbling up. Fortunately this was before everyone had arrived yet and I quickly wiped each egg down with a paper towel. I thought I had averted a messy handed disaster. Nope. They were not done losing their colors yet. I had to hand everyone an egg with a paper towel so they would not have to sit at the table with purple, yellow and pink hands. I don’t think I’ll be trying this again.

    • How weird! So sorry to hear about that trouble. Not sure what happened with your batch. We’ve done this in my family for years and never had that problem. We do egg fights every Easter morning so we handle the eggs a lot and never had the dye come off. Hmmm… wish I could help.

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