Unexpected Fun


I was walking through the Target Dollar Spot recently and came across these colored foam cubes. I snatched a pack for me to use with my boys, and we’ve come up with a few games involving the cubes and ice tongs. (My boys think using any kitchen gadget that doesn’t have a toy version in their play kitchen–such as the ice tongs–is SO cool). Our favorite games:

Tower Building: We use tongs to stack cubes to see who can construct the tallest tower
Quick Colors: I put all our foam cubes in a mound where each kid can reach; each participant selects a color; when the game begins, tweeze one cube at a time of your selected color out of the pile as quickly as possible; first player to retrieve all of his or her colors wins
Cup to Cup: I set up a cup for each color and my youngest carefully separates foam cubes into color coordinating cups to help him learn his colors
Pattern Power: Liam loves making patterns, so I try come up with some to see if he can continue the pattern until we’re out of cubes

tower building

quick colors

tongs + cubes

patern power


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  1. What a GREAT idea! I wish they still had them. You could also use them for teaching math, with each color representing ones, tens, hundred, etc. Perfect for mental math.


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