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Fuzzy Spider Craft #Halloween #KidsCraft #spider

A while back Bettijo and I were preparing some Halloween crafts to share. Our idea for this last-minute spider turned out to be among our favorites. His fuzzy little body and crazy wiggly eyes just made us fall in love with him. (My boys love him, too!)

How to make spooky fuzzy spider #Halloween #craft

He takes just a couple minutes to put together, and you may just have everything on hand to create him today.

:: Black yarn
:: 2 black pipe cleaners
:: 2 wiggly eyes
:: Scissors
:: Glue

How to make cute pompom fuzzy spider #halloween #spider #kidscraft

To Make the Body: Begin by wrapping the yarn around three fingers. (We wrapped ours around about 60 times.) Carefully nudge the yarn off your fingers, then tie a short piece of yarn around the circled yarn and tie tightly. Cut the loops of the yarn to create a fuzzy pompom. Trim the pompom to your desired size.

How to make fuzzy pompom spider #Halloween #spider #pipecleaners #craft

To Make the Legs: Cut your two pipe cleaners in half. Twist the four pieces of pipe cleaner together in the middle and space them apart. Bend the ends of each piece to create the spider’s feet. Glue the pompom onto the middle of the pipe cleaners. Finish your fuzzy spider by gluing eyes onto the pompom. Now go make your spider’s web.

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