Fun Fall Leaf Projects

Last weekend my husband and I had the privilege of going on a little getaway. (A big thanks to Super-Grandma, Grandpa & Aunt Chrisie for watching our kiddos!) We did some antique shopping and general relaxing up in the mountains of Arizona, and we brought home for the kids a bag of leaves to play in!

Bringing Home a Bag of Leaves to Play in

I doubt this would work everywhere, but since we suffer from a serious lack of autumn leaves here in Phoenix the kids thought it was a fantastic souvenir. With fun, fall leaves on the brain I wanted to share this round up of projects I wish we could make…


Round up of fun Fall Leaf Projects at #fall


1 thought on “Fun Fall Leaf Projects”

  1. We love fall! I’m sorry you had to drive so far and make an effort to get leaves. We have to make an effort to get rid of leaves!!!!

    We enjoy collecting leaves and gluing them to paper. Simple craft. Sometimes we turn them into animals…I think we even once use them and a pinecone for a turkey.

    Thanks for all the ideas!

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