Sending Happy 2011 Smiles

The only people I know who like mail more than I do, are my kids. Afterall, Liam gets excited for anything with his name on it. So, with a few days left in the year, help your kids put another smile on their friends’ faces with Happy 2011 postcards!

Download the printable here; print and cut. Then let your kiddos color them while you work on that resolution list…or put Christmas decorations away…or make dinner….or fold laundry…or take a few minutes off!

Oh, and off the record, these postcards are great for another reason: if you forgot (gasp!) to send anyone a Christmas card, send them a New Year postcard—they’ll never know they were “forgotten.”

5 thoughts on “Sending Happy 2011 Smiles”

  1. Nana and Papas love to get mail, too so, just like gift giving, teach your boys that it’s just as much fun sending mail as it is receiving mail. Besides, it won’t be long before the mail they start getting are bills.


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