Wooden Spool Sign Holders


DIY Spool Sign Holders at our Lalaloopsy Party #lalaloopsy

I forgot to mention in the cotton candy post yesterday, but this week we’re sharing Piper’s Fifth Birthday party from April — it was loads of fun and all based around the adorable Lalaloopsy dolls. (Go here for a complete look at our Lalaloopsy Birthday Party.)

Have you seen them? They remind my sister and I of Raggedy Ann a bit, but they’re so colorful and sweet. I wish I was a little girl all over again so I could collect these dolls. Instead my daughters have amassed quite the collection — let it suffice to say that we all need to avoid the toy aisle on shopping trips {ahem}. So they’re seriously cute and when Piper requested a Lalaloopsy birthday party I was very excited to get working.

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Let’s Make Cotton Candy


How To Make Cotton Candy Tutorial

I love cotton candy and wanted to have some at Piper’s birthday party this year. I really wanted to serve it up fresh so I began looking into cotton candy machines. I fell in love with the retro look of this shiny red machine from Nostalgia Electrics. I also liked the idea of being able to make cotton candy from any hard candies — even sugar-free candy.

Nostalgia Electrics was kind enough to send us their Retro Series Cotton Candy Maker to test out. We did try a few batches using various hard candies, but even when we crushed the candy up the resulting cotton candy was more brittle and not quite as fluffy as we liked. So I found some flossing sugar (we used Flossugar Boo-Blue flavor) and the results were super

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