Make a Paper Spider

My girls love, LOVE making things. If I really was Supermom, we would do a craft every day. In honor of the first of October we decided to make these simple paper spiders that I remembered from when I was in elementary school. Here is our Paper Spider Template so you can make one of your own. All you need is black construction paper, scissors, glue and maybe some yarn or string. My girls also insisted that their spiders have eyes, so they got out a red marker. (Right about then I was wishing I’d picked up a pack of googly eyes at the craft store!)

They did have fun making the spiders, but I think they had an even better time being models for the pictures. I love Attalie’s scared face (lower-right corner) — she is such a ham!

7 thoughts on “Make a Paper Spider”

  1. Fun spiders! I’ll have to make some with the boys… they could chase each other for hours (ok, minutes) with these! Great to see you last night, Bettijo!


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