Olive Halloween

Raise your hand if you’ve ever stuck whole black olives on your fingers and eaten them off one by one?

I know I loved to do this as a kid, and now it’s fun to see my little ones doing it too. So naturally when the California Olive Growers challenged us to create some spooky Halloween eats using their black olives, we had to give it a go!

Olive Deviled Egg Eyeballs

I actually owe a big THANK YOU to my very own Supermom who helped whip up these Halloween appetizers while I was in the midst of our All Hallow’s Eve dinner party chaos!


Grandma’s deviled eggs are always a crowd pleaser at any family gathering. Transform traditional deviled eggs into perfectly creepy eyeballs with a little green food coloring, some flavorless, red, food-decorating gel and a sliced black olive is the perfect finishing touch.

Pumpkin Hummus

For a much less gruesome Halloween appetizer serve pita chips and hummus dressed up as a Jack-O-Lantern with sliced black olives. We have a favorite store-bought roasted red pepper hummus that is the perfect orange color, or this recipe for Pumpkin Hummus could be fun.

While you and your kiddos are decorating your hummus Jack-O-Lantern, fill them in on how black olives are made with all the surprisingly interesting details here.


Thanks to the California Olive Growers for sponsoring this post. Be sure to have plenty of canned olives on hand for your Halloween feast!

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