A Halloween Classic

Great Pumpkin DVD

A couple years ago my friend gave our family a DVD of It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown. Although I watched it every October growing up, I was a little skeptical that Liam, then two, would really get into it. But he did. And last year he did, too. And now that he’s four, he’s begging to watch it again. A couple days ago I set out the DVD as a reminder to watch it soon, and he hasn’t stopped asking. So, tonight we are watching it in our new Halloween pajamas.

Halloween has officially begun in our home. How about yours?

By the way, if you’re looking to upgrade, It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown was released on Blu-ray last month!

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6 thoughts on “A Halloween Classic”

  1. I love Charlie Brown! I grew up watching it too. Halloween is in full swing here at our house. We haven’t cut the pumpkins from their vines yet but that is happen this week.

    • Ellen – you’re so lucky your pumpkins grew for you. Only a couple of our seeds sprouted and the rabbits got them. We’re a little disappointed. Hopefully we’ll have better luck next year.

  2. An absolute favorite in our household and a sure sign Halloween is approaching (my boys want to watch it all year!! I have to limit it to just Fall!!)

  3. Great story as are all the other Charlie Brown classics. It’s amazing and encouraging that these classics that we used to gather ’round the TV (yes, there was a time when “live” television was the only way to view some things) and watch it as families.


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