Modette’s Nursery

Book Page Mobile #literature #mobiles #nurserydecor

I finally got around to actually taking pictures of Modette’s nursery! I shared the inspiration board ions ago, and I’m sorry it’s taking me so long to show how it all turned out.

Old 3D Art that is super cool #janeausten #literature #3Dart

First I wanted to share this incredible piece of art that my Grandfather picked up for me. It was really the inspiration piece for the whole room. It is clearly old, although we don’t know much about its origins, but I’m told that this sort of embellished, 3D artwork was very popular way back when. Does anyone even know what these pieces are called? Anyway, I love the little pearl earring and real bits of lace and trim on the dress. That book she’s reading I’m sure must be a Jane Austen.

My Grandfather said when he saw it, he thought of me, and when I saw it, I knew it was the baby’s room inspiration I’d been looking for! It went perfectly well too with my budding collection of the Penguin Clothbound Classics. Aren’t they lovely?

Penguin Clothbound Classics and Letterpress Type #letterpress #penguinclassics

I’m also a big fan of letterpress, and a jar filled with the vintage wood type I’ve collected seemed very fitting in this room.

Book Page Mobile #literature #mobiles #nurserydecor

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