#Hallelujah Free Printable Easter Dinner Ideas

#Hallelujah Easter Dinner Ideas including free Printable Easter Decorations from @PagingSupermom

Easter is such a special holiday for my family, and today I wanted to share a little bit about why I love Easter. I’m also sharing some Easter dinner ideas including a pack of free Easter decorations I created to make your Easter dinner beautiful, meaningful and totally easy to pull off!

#Hallelujah Easter Dinner Ideas including free Printable Easter Decorations from @PagingSupermom

I wanted to start by sharing this video called #Hallelujah. It so perfectly captures the spirit of Easter.

In the past we’ve shared lots of Easter ideas, but this year I wanted to design a set of Easter decorations focused on the Savior and the important reason we celebrate this holiday.

The kit includes a decorative banner, placemats, placecards, napkin rings, party flags and more. My family has a big, Easter brunch, but these pieces would also be perfect to dress up your Easter dinner or use them for an egg decorating party or egg hunt.

#Hallelujah Easter Dinner Table Settings including free Printable Easter Decorations from @PagingSupermom

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Bettijo’s Urban Farmhouse Kitchen Reveal!

I love Bettijo's new Kitchen!

I have been on pins and needles waiting for the day I could show off my new kitchen! We’ve been working on this renovation since July, and doing nearly all the work ourselves. It’s been quite the undertaking, and if you want to see how far we’ve come be sure to check out my kitchen inspiration post or #SeventiesKitchenRehab on Instagram.

Here I’m sharing the highlights of the kitchen remodel, and if you want to take the Grand Tour of the new kitchen, dining room and laundry room, complete with all the dirty details, be sure to check out my post today over on Classy Clutter.

I love Bettijo's new Kitchen!

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The Best Farmhouse Sinks

Kohler Cast Iron Apron Front Sink via @PagingSupermom

I knew I wanted to put in a classic, farmhouse sink during my kitchen remodel (check out the progress at #SeventiesKitchenRehab on Instagram). I had no idea how difficult it would be to pick out the best farmhouse sinks. After all my research, I decided to compile and share what I’ve learned in this handy guide to purchasing a farmhouse sink. Be sure to pin this post so you’ll have it handy when you need it.

Guide to picking out the best farmhouse sink for your dream kitchen from @PagingSupermom

I’ve been smitten with these iconic farm sinks, also known as apron-front sinks, ever since we had one in a dusty basement apartment as newlyweds in Alexandria, VA, about 15 years ago. That sink was pretty much the only thing I liked about the place, but I remember it being so big I could almost take a bath in it.

I love Kohler Cast Iron Farm Sinks seen on @PagingSupermom

THIS is the kitchen sink of my dreams. I figured that it would be pretty easy to find, but when I typed “farm sink” into the Home Depot website, I was quickly overwhelmed by choices… not only in design, styling and color but also in material. I knew I wanted plain and white, but I had no idea whether I wanted fireclay, cast iron or stainless steel. What type of apron front sink material is best?

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