Mummy Parade

Mummy Parade Easy Door Decoration #halloween #spooky

My oldest daughter Attalie actually came up with the idea for this craft based on Aimee’s adorable Mummy t-shirts from last year. Your little goblins will enjoy creating an eerie Mummy Parade door garland to greet trick or treaters. The treat for you is it uses only supplies that are probably already in the cupboard!


Items Needed:
:: 3 white paper plates
:: 1 roll of first aid gauze (ours was 4 inches x 4 yards)
:: black paper
:: scissors
:: school glue
:: Optional: Circle paper punches (we used 1.25-inch and 1.5-inch)

Tear the black paper into 1/2-inch strips (it’s perfectly OK to approximate here). Cut or punch out circles for the eyes. Glue the strips to the back side of the plates to make a mummy face. It might help to show your children the picture of our finished mummies to get their imaginations going.

Paper Plate Mummy Face Close-up

Once the mummy faces are complete, cut slits about three-quarters of an inch away from the top and bottom of each plate. Unroll the gauze. Make a knot for hanging about two-thirds of the way down so you have two uneven tails. Thread the gauze through the plates — put two plates on the shorter tail and one on the longer tail, centered in between the other plates. It is OK if the gauze snags on the plates — this adds to the eerie look.

Mummy Parade Door Garland

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