Spider Egg Popcorn Recipe

Today we’re sharing a yummy Halloween recipe, but also giving you a little sneak peek at a fun project we’ve been working on with our pals over at Cricut. If you like our Creepy Banner then you’ll want to be sure to check back later this week for all the fun details. Okay, now where were we? Oh yes — POPCORN!

Spider Egg Popcorn Recipe via @PagingSupermom #Halloween

Both Aimée and I love popcorn… but it’s not just your average everybody likes popcorn kind of thing. We’re talking L-O-V-E with capital letters… and I think it’s hilarious that Aimée’s husband can get her to go to see just about any movie — even a real snoozer — just with the promise of a large popcorn. Thank heavens we know the microwave popcorn trick, (if you don’t, go here to find out) so we can enjoy guilt-free popcorn anytime we like. I seriously lost 10 pounds on a diet that included eating three cups of that plain popcorn a day… maybe I’ll get my friend Mandy to explain how it worked sometime.

For today though, we’re going to slather that popcorn in buttery goodness and add another one of our favorites — Peanut M&Ms — to be the spider’s eggs. This popcorn is so good it will be gone in 5 minutes… better make a double batch.

Yummy Spider's Egg Popcorn Recipe @PagingSupermom

2 bags of Microwave Popcorn
Half a stick of Butter
1/4 cup Sugar
1/2 teaspoon Salt
1 cup of Peanut M&Ms

While popcorn is popping up in the microwave, melt butter and dissolve sugar together in a saucepan. Pour over popcorn and toss with M&Ms.

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