Easy Spider Craft: Make a Web & Fuzzy Spider

Looking for easy Halloween craft ideas? Paper plate and yarn can quickly become a spooky spider’s web. This easy spider craft is perfect to do with your kiddos, but given the simple supplies, it’s also a perfect Halloween class party activity.

Easy Super Craft

Of course every web needs a spider! I love this Fuzzy Spider craft that isn’t the least bit creepy. He takes just a couple minutes to put together, and your kiddos can totally help out.

Easy Spider Web Halloween Preschool Craft

Easy Spider Craft Supplies

:: Chinet Classic White Paper Plate
:: Black yarn
:: 2 black pipe cleaners
:: 2 wiggly eyes
:: Scissors
:: Glue

Make the Spider’s Web

Use scissors to make half-inch snips around the edge of a paper plate every one to two inches. To spin your web, begin by wedging a 3-inch tail of yarn into one of the snips on your paper plate. Secure the end with tape on the back side of the plate. Wrap yarn lines across the plate, securing the yarn into the notches as you go. Continue wrapping in a haphazard pattern until your web is complete.

Easy Spider Craft via @pagingSupermom

Make the Spider’s Body

Begin by wrapping the yarn around three fingers. (We wrapped ours around about 60 times.) Carefully nudge the yarn off your fingers, then tie a short piece of yarn around the circled yarn and tie tightly. Cut the loops of the yarn to create a fuzzy pompom. Trim the pompom to your desired size.

Easy Spider Web Craft via @pagingSupermom

Make the Spider’s Legs

Cut your two pipe cleaners in half. Twist the four pieces of pipe cleaner together in the middle and space them apart. Bend the ends of each piece to create the spider’s feet. Glue the pompom onto the middle of the pipe cleaners. Finish your fuzzy spider by gluing eyes onto the pompom.

Fuzzy Spider Craft - easy Halloween craft ideas

These would look so fun on a mantle with this Creepy Banner! If you’re looking for more spider crafts, be sure to check out these Paper Spiders.

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