Super Cute New Years Card

My best friend Dana was struggling to find outfits for her family pictures a few months ago. She had stopped by my house on the way home from a shopping trip to show me the few items she’d found. As an aside she pulled out these superhero shirts she’d picked up on clearance for the three youngest kids — not really family picture worthy, but they were a good deal. Then we had an AHA! When life gives you lemons (or superhero shirts) why not make lemonade, right?! So we tracked down tees for the rest of the family on (She-Ra, Captain America and Wonder Woman), and called it a day.

I must say, for an after thought, their family pictures turned out to be some of the cutest ever:


I’m telling you, photographer Erika has a gift! (Remember she did this shoot and this one.)

Broderick Super Heroes

These pics were begging to be made into a fun comic-book style card, and I was more than happy to oblige:

Super Cute Super Hero Comic Strip New Years Card

My favorite is the photo on the front — it totally looks like her little boy may very well be thinking “Dad is SO Awesome!” Plus the comic bubbles on the back were a fun way to share tidbits about their life without writing a long letter. Super fun — right?!

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10 thoughts on “Super Cute New Years Card”

  1. BJ-You are the best. I love this card! Don’t think I’ll ever have a card this amazing again. You have a gift as well my friend!!! love ya!

  2. This is the best card. It will be hard for anyone to ever top it. The family is beautiful. The poses are terrific. And the card design is brilliant. It all comes together for a “super” perfect card.

  3. How much would you charge to make something like this for my family’s holiday card? We’ve got a great photo of us you could use all dressed up as the avengers.

  4. I love it! We were the super hero family for Halloween and I’ve been looking to make a card just like this. Where or how can I do it?

  5. hello. I love the super hero christmas card. Are you selling the template? I have pictures of our family in costumes. I just need to figure out how to get into a card. I love the bubble words too Please let me know. Thank you.


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