Quiet Time

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Kim Tracy Prince, a Supermom of two, from Los Angeles, California, said:

Once my oldest son started elementary school, the routine of drop-offs and pick-ups and errands and work in between got out of control. Without a naptime for the kindergartner, there was no more down time built into his day, so I instituted “Quiet Time.” After he gets home from school and has a snack, my son goes upstairs to play quietly in his room for 15 minutes, and he can only come out when the timer I set goes off. At first he complained, but when it became clear that I would not budge on this rule, my son resigned himself to this daily ritual. Sometimes he actually falls asleep, but other times he does play quietly or reads a book. And I often take the opportunity to slip off my shoes and curl up on the couch myself.

Supermom Kim Tracy Prince

Thanks Kim — sounds like a super idea to me! Read more of Kim’s mommy musings on her blog.

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3 thoughts on “Quiet Time”

  1. Thanks for sharing this tip. My daughter will begin kindergarten this fall, and I know she will have major adjustment issues at first. I appreciate this tip as an idea.

  2. This summer we have a “quiet time” everyday. I have an almost 6 year old and a 7 year old girl For my sanity they have to spend 1 hour in their room every afternoon after lunch. The rules are that they have to be silent and stay in their beds (unless going potty). It has worked beautifully. My youngest always falls asleep and my older daughter loves to lay there and read books or dress her American Girl doll up in a multitude of outfits. It gives me a chance to “veg” out or catch up on a couple of phone calls or emails. It definitely gives all of us a chance to recharge and energize for the rest of the day!


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