Family Fun: Bubble Gum Blowing Contest!

Bubble gum contests were sort of a tradition in my family. We would do them on camping trips or at other family gatherings. So since I consider myself a bubble gum contest expert, here’s a little tutorial on how to host a bubble gum contest of your own.

How to do a Bubble Gum Blowing contest w/ free printables via @PagingSupermom
How to do a Bubble Gum Blowing contest w/ free printables via @PagingSupermom


Bubble gum contests are really great family activities since they require very little prep work and both adults and kids will truly have fun with it. Here’s what you need…

TO PLAY: First, decide on the number of pieces everyone is allowed to have. We usually allowed just two pieces, but with Double Bubble, one piece will work fine too. Just make sure everyone does the same amount since the more gum you have the easier it is to blow bigger bubbles. Designate someone to measure bubbles and give them a bubble meter. For a larger group you may want to have two or three measurers. Next, everyone needs to start chewing and as the gum gets warmed up they can start blowing bubbles.

When a bubble gets blown, the blower tries to hold it while the measurer races over to fit the meter to the size of the bubble. Be careful as sometimes the meter can pop the bubble. As you can imagine, this all gets quite silly — the person with a bubble in their mouth, grunting to get the measurer’s attention, and the measurer racing over to measure the bubble before it pops — it’s all part of the enjoyment of this activity. Let it go on as long as you like, and in our family these bubble blowing contests always end with lots of laughter, smiles and hearty applause for the champion with the biggest bubble.

I recall one campout — at the Grand Canyon I think — where my dad actually created our first official bubble meter. He cut it out of the cardboard from the back of a yellow paper notepad. We didn’t have a brad with us, so I think he used a wire sandwich tie, to hold the pieces together. Once we could get more precise measurements of our bubbles, it was loads more fun.

How to do a Bubble Gum Blowing contest w/ free printables via @PagingSupermom
How to do a Bubble Gum Blowing contest w/ free printables via @PagingSupermom

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:: Download the free printable Bubble Meter
:: Download the free printable Bubble Blowing Contest Scoresheet

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