We Love Chicks!

kid easter craft chick banner done

My boys love fuzzy yellow chicks. I partially blame this sudden chick obsession on Liam’s preschool—his class is currently helping chicks hatch. (How cool is that?!?!)

Last week when we decorated for Easter Liam and Harrison requested more chicks. We did pick up a fuzzy chick from Pier1, yet it just wasn’t enough for them. So, we created a chick banner yesterday. The banner was very easy to create, so we wanted to share it. To make this you will need:

kid easter crafts chick banner supplies martha stewart circle cutter twine

:: Circle cutter
:: Yellow and orange paper
:: Glue
:: Wiggly eyes (or small black buttons or a black marker)
:: Scissors
:: Craft knife
:: Twine (or better yet: yellow fuzzy fun fur)
:: Energetic, chick-loving superkid

To get started, cut out 16 4-inch yellow circles.

kid easter crafts chick banner marths atewart circle cutter

Cut an orange beak for each circle.

kid easter craft chick banner beaks

Then Harrison happily glued eyes and beaks onto each circle, creating a chick.

kid easter craft chick banner wiggly eyes

Let dry. If you’re anywhere as enthusiastic about glue as Harrison, the drying will be the longest step.

kid easter craft chick banner

Using your craft knife, cut slits, and thread the twine. Hang.

kid easter crafts chick banner hung

Now our entertainment center feels a little more like Easter and my boys are happy to have more yellow chicks around our home!


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