I Love Electricity!

Super-Tip Tuesday

Hurricane Irene Damage

My sister’s family lives on the Chesapeake Bay and was affected by Hurricane Irene. After weathering the storm and a couple nights without power she had these super-tips to share:

After the power went out I was wishing I had thought to clean up around the house so we’d have hazard-free hallways once the dark of night set in. We learned this lesson during our first night without power, and you can bet the next afternoon I was sure to have my kids help me do a quick pick up of all the main rooms in the house. It doesn’t have to be perfect, but clean enough to keep from tripping over toys and things.

Really prep whatever you can while you still have sunlight — you’ll be so much happier after dark. When it gets towards night, put a flashlight in your pocket where you’ll have it handy when you need it.

While a stash of candles is nice, it was the battery-operated, fireless tea lights that were most handy, especially as nightlights in the kids’ rooms. Our neighbor gave us some after she heard our little one woke up crying without a nightlight the first night. It doesn’t hurt to leave one running in the kids’ bathroom either. These are definitely something I’ll be stocking up on for future emergencies.

It’s surprising the things we take fore granted. It’s like my oldest said when Superdad hooked up the generator, “I LOVE ELECTRICITY!!!”

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  1. Great tips! I remember my mother always required that we have a pathway from our beds to the door and window so we could get out if needed (can you tell we had messy rooms growing up?)


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