Baby Chicks

My husband and I have often thought it would be fun to have laying hens. After moving to our house last summer we decided we finally had a yard large enough to get chickens. So last fall we got 13 baby chicks, 12 that would be laying hens and 1 that was supposed to be a rooster. We lost a couple of the chicks and the rooster was actually a girl, so we ended up with 11 hens. They have been a fun addition to our family, and we haven’t had to buy eggs since March.

Baby Chicks

We have been talking about adding a few more hens to our brood. Last week while picking up some scratch at the feed store, I saw these adorable gray baby chicks, and I just couldn’t resist them — so we got three! They are called Blue Andalusians and will lay white eggs.

Baby Chicks

We also adopted a couple more Ameraucanas. We already have two, and they lay fun greenish blue eggs.

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  1. Hi, they are so adorable! If I understand the golden ones are the ones you got….do you know what the others species are? I would love to get some of those but require the species name. Thank you!


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