Last-minute Mother’s Day Gift

My Mom Fill In Worksheet


With Mother’s Day just a few days away, this printable questionnaire all about Mom (or Grandma) will make a great last-minute gift. Once printed, get ready for a chuckle as you interview your kids — their insights on your age, activities and love for them will make even the roughest days all worth while!


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Easy Button Necklaces

Mothers Day Button Necklace

Make a Necklace for Mom from Vintage Buttons #mothersday

My cousin’s wife is super stylish. I’m always a bit envious of her fabulous outfits, many of which she sews herself. Well she has the most adorable necklace — it goes with everything because I swear she’s wearing it just about every other time I see her. Sometimes she layers it with other necklaces and sometimes wears it alone. After I couldn’t stand it any longer, I asked where she’d found such a gem. The answer: her daughter had made it by stringing a bunch of vintage buttons together! Sounds like a perfect gift for Mother’s Day or maybe Teacher Appreciation?

Easy Button Necklace for Mom at #mothersday

I mean the macaroni one junior made in preschool is sweet, but what if your kiddos could make a necklace you’d actually WANT to wear hundreds of times? Stringing buttons is as easy as working with cereal or noodles — the order doesn’t matter so just let the kids go to town!

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Baby’s First Mother’s Day Gift Idea

Mothers Day Gift Ideas Baby Footprin Ttowels

I recently had this idea to stamp baby’s footprint onto tea towels as a mother’s day gift, and now I am really wishing I’d made one of these with all of my newborns. Wouldn’t that be such a fun little collection to have?

Mother's Day Gift Idea - Baby's Footprint Hand Towels withe free printable gift band from #mothersday

Since my baby boy isn’t here yet, my good friend Sarah was kind enough to lend me her darling daughter’s foot. We used my favorite thirsty, flour-sack towels. Brush the sole of baby’s foot with acrylic craft paint in the color of your choice. Carefully stamp onto a corner of the towel. We ended up stamping the two opposite corners on each towel just for extra fun.

By the way, I have done quite a few painted-fabric crafts (including these similar monogram tea towels) with just the regular, inexpensive, acrylic craft paint. I never pay extra for the stuff intended for fabric, and my projects have held up just fine.

Baby's First Mother's Day Towels - a fun tradition. Free printable gift bands from #mothersday

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Recycled Bottle Vase


Growing up in Phoenix I have often heard people talk about how we lack the seasonal changes. It’s true that things are a bit backwards here — barbecues and picnics are Fall and Winter activities for us. Our Fall doesn’t usually arrive until December or January. Of course no one would argue that Arizona is missing Summer, but we also have a very lovely Spring. The array of colors might not be what you’d expect, but the desert in bloom with greens, purples and yellows is a glorious sight!

I think the reason people say Phoenix lacks Spring is because for those living in the Arizona Desert this season does not bring feelings of excitement but rather a sense of foreboding… any day now, those hot summer temperatures could be setting in for good.

How to Make a Salad Dressing Bottle into a Vase at #recycledcraft #DIYvase #spring #mothersday

So for our craft contribution to Raising Arizona Kids magazine this month we shared a fun DIY project that encourages everyone to celebrate Spring while it lasts. We turned an empty salad dressing bottle into a colorful and fun vase.

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