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Welcome to our Tangled Birthday Party

I’m pleased to report that Attalie’s Tangled Birthday Party on Friday night was a big success! How do I know? Because Attalie said it was the best birthday party ever. (Now there’s a supermom moment!)

Well I was originally planning to share all the details with you today, but there is just too much good stuff to share, and today’s post is already crazy long. So today I focused on our Rapunzel birthday party decorations and party food ideas, then tomorrow I’ll share all our ideas for Tangled birthday party activities, games and party favors.

To greet our guests, we made a larger version of the Rapunzel braid featured on the Tangled Tower Birthday Party Invitations. A couple of the guests told me they could see the braid from the street as they drove up to our house. Isn’t that fun?!

For the invitation braids we used embroidery thread, but for this giant one we used yellow yarn. As I was trying to write out the instructions, I realized it sounds a bit confusing, but I promise it really is easy and took less than 10 minutes to make.

Rapunzel Braid Front Door Party Decor

You do need three sets of hands to make this braid — Superdad, Grandma and Jenny made ours. Here’s how they did it: Grandma took the end of the yarn and walked about 18-feet away from Jenny who was holding the ball of yarn. Then Superdad snipped the yarn, started a new thread leaving the end with Grandma, and carried the ball down to Jenny. Grandma and Jenny pretty much stayed put holding the ends of the strings, while Superdad ran back and forth with the ball of yarn. They continued this until they had a cluster of 12, 18-foot strings of yarn. They carefully set aside the cluster then made two more matching yarn clusters.

Once they had all three made up, they tied a scrap piece of yarn around the ends of all three clusters leaving about a six-inch tail. Then Superdad held the end while Jenny and Grandma braided. They tied off the braid with another scrap piece of yarn, then trimmed the yarn tails evenly. After trimming the other end of the braid, they tied purple ribbon (we used 3/4-inch grosgrain ribbon) on both ends of the braid. This way when we draped the Rapunzel Braid over the door it looked finished from both sides.

Tangled Birthday Party Braid Door Hanger

It was super easy to hang: we started by draping it over the wreath nail on the front side of our door, then went up over the top of the door and draped the other end over the back door handle. The door shut with no problem and held the Rapunzel braid in place.

Next we decked out our fireplace with this cute purple circle banner.

Purple Fireplace Circle Banner

After using Aimee’s Martha Stewart Large Circle Cutter a few months back, I decided I simply must have one, so I put it on my wish list for Christmas. Superdad was sweet enough to give it to me so I had it handy to make this banner. Without that tool it would take hours to cut out all those perfect circles, but the cutter makes perfect circles in a snap.

Purple Fireplace Circle Banner Closeup

To make the banner, cut out 15, 4-inch circles. Load matching thread into a sewing machine. Pull out an extra long tail of thread (so you’ll have some to hang the banner) then using a long, straight stitch feed the circles into the sewing machine one at a time. To space out the circles, let the machine run a few stitches before feeding the next one. After the last circle is in, finish by pulling out another long tail then clip the threads. Ta da! Festive party banner in 15 minutes!

Tangled Rapunzel Party Food and Birthday Cake

Here’s the food spread we had for the party. Almost everything we served was inspired in some way by Disney’s new Tangled movie.

Tangled Birthday Party Food

In the show, when Rapunzel and Flynn visit the village square for the lantern festival they eat baguettes and cheese. I made easy homemade artisan bread and got Attalie’s favorite cheese: gouda.

Tangled Party Food: Homemade Bread Orange Butter Blueberries

Aimee made her incredibly yummy Orange Butter, which had both the kids and adults coming back for seconds and thirds.

Tangled Party Food: Grapes

To go along with the cheese and bread we served purple grapes, blueberries and blackberries. The Supermom in me was very pleased that so much of the party food was healthy, and still the kids ate it up.

When I was brainstorming for a main dish idea, Attalie was quick to suggest that we have Rapunzel’s favorite Hazelnut Soup. I hadn’t been so quick to recall, but little Attalie picked up on lots of surprising details in the movie and was insistent that Gothel (the name of Rapunzel’s kidnapper mom, which I also did not know until Attalie told me) would always say, “I’m making Hazelnut Soup, your favorite!”

Rapunzel Favorite Hazelnut Stew Recipe

So after much searching, I found a recipe for Hazelnut Soup and made a batch for the party. There are actually no hazlenuts in the soup itself, but you sprinkle them on top. We served the crushed hazlenuts in a pretty, milk glass bowl, and I identified them with a name tag (made with the same Martha Stewart Punch I used for the invitations).

Tangled Rapunzel Party Cups

It is always a bit of challenge to balance the tastes of a slightly perfectionist mother with those of a less-discerning six year old. Case in point: while we were at the party store, little Attalie caught sight of the display of Tangled plates, napkins, tablecloth, etc. and was like, “But MOM! We must buy them ALL because they are just PERFECT for my party.”

I was cursing to myself — why hadn’t I been more careful to avoid this display? But now that she had seen, how could I make her see reason? Help her to understand that to have a table full of Tangled graphics would be tacky in a way that would undermine all my other efforts. So I proposed a compromise. I agreed to buy the least offensive item, a pack of Tangled stickers, and told her we could put them on nice pink cups and use that for her party. After one last longing look at the Tangled cups in the display, she picked up a pack of plates and countered that if we bought the stickers AND the plates, then we’d have a deal. I quickly accepted her offer. Seriously, she’s so much like her lawyer father that it’s scary!

Tangled Birthday Party Treats

The biggest, kid-pleaser food at the party were these adorable Jello Boats that Aimee made. They were inspired by the movie’s lake scene where Flynn and Rapunzel are out on the boat watching the big lantern send off.

Tangled Party Jello Boats

The minute I saw the purple bunting with a sun icon stretched across the village square in the movie, I knew I had to make one for the party. I designed this free Tangled Sun Banner template that you can download and print to make one yourself. We also offer a Sun Bunting personalized with your child’s name in our Supermom Co-op.

Tangled Sun Banner Closeup

Aimee being the sweetheart that she is, cut out all the triangle flags and made slits in the corner using her Martha Stewart Craft Knife and cutting mat. Then she strung them on twine and finished the banner off with fabric scraps for a little extra flair.

Tangled Town Square Sun Banner

It wouldn’t be a birthday party without a cake, and it wouldn’t be a Rapunzel party without a tower! I was originally planning to make a bunch of purple frosted cupcakes and stack them onto three layers of cake stands to create an “abstract” tower. Not the greatest idea, I know, but since I’m not much of a baker or cake decorator I didn’t have anything better coming to mind.

Tangled Tower Birthday Cake

Then Aimee found this Tangled Cupcake Tower idea the day before the party. After looking over the instructions I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to find the correct ingredients, but I took a late-night trip to the store hoping to find some things and then figured I’d home make or improvise for whatever I couldn’t find.

Rapunzel Tower Birthday Cake

To my surprise and relief, I was able to buy pre-made pecan rolls, straight-sided muffins and old-fashioned waffle cones at Walmart! Then on the morning of the party, I hit the craft store to snag purple candy coating for the roof, a wooden dowel to be the skeleton for the tower, and a styrofoam block for the base — I went with a 4-inch, round styrofoam block instead of the rectangle called for in the instructions because I figured it would fit better on the cake stand. The only thing I couldn’t find was brown cupcake wrappers, but I used purple ones instead and actually liked them better.

Tangled Birthday Cake: Rapunzel Tower

With just six hours until party time, I started assembly of the tower (talk about stress!) That Martha Stewart Large Circle Cutter (remember the one I used to make the purple circle fireplace banner) was a lifesaver for quickly cutting a green construction paper circle top for the styrofoam base and another, larger circle to line the second cake stand. Then I cut a couple long, 2-inch strips of green construction paper to wrap around the base. I wanted them to look “grassy” so I borrowed my mom’s Martha Stewart Fringe Scissors.

Tangled Birthday Cake Wildflower Cupcakes

Instead of the purple frosting I’d planned for the cupcakes, I made green and piped it on to look like grass. I freely admit that I am terrible at decorating cakes but luckily grass can look messy and still look good. I would tell you which metal frosting tip I used, but I’m so NOT a cake decorator that I’m not even sure what this one is called. It sort of looks flattened out on the end and has a bit of a crescent shape to it. I know you’re probably laughing at me over this, but really it’s good because it means that if I can make this cake you can too! The “grass” frosting was looking so fun I decided to pipe some onto the tower and base. Finally I topped each cupcake with a silk wildflower to finish things off.

UPDATE: One of our blog followers shared her Superdad’s idea for a doughnut tower cake. She attached a wooden dowel to a wood block and then stacked donuts on top — very clever and so simple to execute. I love this as a simple alternative for a Rapunzel Tower Birthday Cake. Check out her full instructions.

Okay, I know that was a lot of info. I’m glad you made it! Be sure to check back tomorrow for lots of Tangled party games, activities and one very cute Rapunzel party favor.

EDITOR’S NOTE: We’ve heard the requests for an easier Tangled Birthday Party Invitation, and we’ve created these two NEW! colorful and printable Rapunzel-themed invites that can be personalized with all your party details. For more info visit our Supermom Co-Op.


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  1. Amy O. says:

    LOVE IT… soooo cute Bettijo!! Everything turned out perfect!! I still need to take my girls to see that movie…

    • blank bettijo says:

      Amy, try to go while you can still see it in theaters! It really is so good. You could probably even take the whole family because even Heath loved the show!

      • Amy O. says:

        We saw it on Monday and LOVED it! Now Sydni is talking about wanting a Tangled bday party. It is still a while away so it could change… but I might be stealing some of your ideas… along with everyone that saw Martha :)

  2. Leoni Jena says:

    What a gorgeous party!! Top job, I loved looking at the different elements and remembering where I saw it in the movie. Well done.

    Leoni – Australia

  3. Marie says:

    Okay! The. Cutest. party. ever!! So fun. I love that door, and the boats, and that Cake! Great job!

  4. Trista says:

    This is wonderful! I want to use all the ideas but not sure I have your energy. Thanks for posting.

  5. Ash says:

    Such a cute party idea! If only I had a girl to plan parties for… SIGH… Looks great, Bettijo!

  6. Lissette says:

    I’m in awe of your ideas!! moms like you inspire me!! When my Tangled party is all said and done I will share my ideas with you but thank you for yours!!.. Amazing!!.. Great Job!! =)

  7. Michelle B. says:

    What did you use for the flowers on the cupcakes?! My daughter is about to turn 5 and Tangled is the theme she’s chosen. I used my digital scrapbooking program to design her invitations, but would LOVE to use some of your ideas too! Thanks so much!

  8. Amanda says:

    I LOVE your post about the Tangled party!!! I can’t wait to hear about what activities you all did. It couldn’t have come at a better time! My daughter is having a Tangled birthday party this Saturday and I am the WORST party planner ever!! I can not find any games to have at the party and ended up buying the tacky Tangled party decor and I really wished I hadn’t but I do not have a creative bone in my body. Any more advice you can give would be GREATLY appreciated as I am still trying to pull things together for my daughters party… this weekend. (last minute, I know)

  9. Jaci says:

    this is the best party EVER!

    I have been looking for about a month for tangled ideas…this is awesome! You did a wonderful job! THANK YOU for sharing! I would never have thought of the jello or cheese and bread. AWESOME! thanks for giving me inspiration and hope that i can do it too.

  10. Jennifer C says:

    I was doing a search for Tangled Birthday Party ideas and found your page. You did such an amazing job on your party. We took our little one to see the movie and now she really wants a Tangled party for her birthday. I think I am going to have to borrow some of your ideas.

  11. Tessy says:

    I came over from Muffin Tin Moms sight and I am glad I did. Been trying to come up with a party idea for my 4 yr old and this will be perfect. I am planning on borrowing many of your ideas. Thanks so much for sharing.

  12. Eva Andrew says:

    I’m planning my daughter’s 4th Birthday party and Tangled is the theme we have chosen. I LOVE your door idea and play on using that one at my party.

    Thank you so much for all the links to the games and banner template. I am on a very tight budget and being able to do those myself is going to save me some $$ that I can use for something else towards the party.

    Thanks for all your awesome ideas!

  13. Melanie says:

    Hello. I am so impressed with all of your wonderful party ideas! Thank you so much for sharing. My favorite is the braided Rapunzel hair hanging on the door! I will definitely use that. My 2 daughters are having a combined birthday party in just a few days. I am dying to know what the party favor was!

  14. Kimberly says:

    Hi.. Im sorry to bug ya again.. but I actually cannot get any of the print-ables to work.. could you maybe email them to me?

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  16. Stefanie says:

    Wow! You did an amazing job!

  17. Renee says:

    I am envious of your party and will be recreating many of the ideas for my daughter’s 5th birthday party next month. I laughed heartily about the compromise regarding the stickers and cups….I too dislike the commercial princesses, however have had to give in. When I first checked your site I didn’t remember the banner pattern being here, but was so happy to find it today! I was brainstorming a way to recreate it! The only problem, however, is that my daughter wants her name in it, seeing as though I did a happy birthday banner caterpillar for her sister’s 2nd birthday not too long ago (very hungry caterpillar/eric carle prior to its recent notoriety). Is there any way to add in blank pennants or happy birthday?
    Thanks so much!

    • bettijo says:

      Hi Renee, How about once you cut out the sun pennants you could trace them onto other paper to make the lettered ones. Or another idea would be to write letters into the center of the suns to spell her name or if you found some die cut or chipboard letters — I’m picturing gold sparkly letters and thinking that would be so fun if you could find them at the craft store. I hope these ideas help. Good luck with your party! –bettijo

  18. bettijo says:

    Ashley, Thanks for you comments and for sharing your take on the invites. Good luck with your party.

  19. Katia says:

    Dear Super mom:

    I love all your ideas, Thanks for sharing!

  20. Sarah says:

    Thank you for all the wonderful ideas! My daughter is so excited for her Tangled party!
    I tried to print the Activity Kit off the Disney site, and only 2 of the 4 pages will print. Could you please email them to me if you still have them?!?! Thanks so much!!! Sarah

  21. Rachel Moates says:

    I absolutely LOVE your ideas and my daughter is extremely excited that I am using them for her 5th birthday party. I do have a favor to ask, though. I have a Cricut and am wanting to be able to cut out the sun for the banner using my Sure Cuts A Lot software. Only problem is, it needs to be clipart or an svg file. Is there any way to do this?

  22. Susan says:

    Thank you for all the wonderful ideas and links.

    I live in the UK where ‘Tangled’ has just been released and my daughter, also turning 6, is desperate for a Tangled themed party.

    Thank you for making my planning stress free!

    Kind regards

    Susan (Cheltenham)

  23. aurora says:

    You won’t buy graphic cups for your 6 year old but you will put silk flowers on cupcakes! :) LOL sorry just thought that was funny… Maybe I’m just a cake snob. thanks for the banner template it’s super cute!

    • Bettijo says:

      Actually putting flowers on the cupcakes was a last-minute thought that came to me the day of the party. I had been planning on different toppers, but then after making the tower cake I decided it would be cute to extend the greenery from the tower onto the cupcakes to make it more like the meadow where her tower sat. I wish I was talented enough to make frosting flowers but that was beyond my capabilities. So after a quick brainstorming session and just about 1.5 hours to party time, silk flowers were my best option.

  24. maria says:

    OMG!!!! I’ve been searching for hip and creative ideas for my Paloma’s 5th Birthday coming up- which will be Tangled-themed. Your ideas are so adorable and amazing I can’t stand it! My husband rushed thinking something was wrong when he heard me gasp after looking at the cake, blue jello cups and invitation. Too Cute! THANK YOU!

  25. Heather says:

    Okay, this is all so great. My daughter’s party is this Saturday. I used your invitation idea and LOVED it. I am doing the braid and the banner for the decor. I am actually going to attempt the tower cake!!!!! This will be my first-ever baking for a child’s birthday experience. Baking is just not my thing, but I so want it to be. My 5 year old is blown away that I am going to try to do this for her. So hear is my silly question that all of you are probably going to just laugh about, but I need a good icing recipe. Your green icing looks so great and I truly have NO idea how to make icing. Isn’t that just sad. I have my list of things to buy tomorrow but would love icing advice and recipe. Thanks so much!!!

  26. Elizabeth says:

    For future reference, rice krispie treats make a good stand-in for styrofoam in cakes. Sturdy and edible!!!

  27. Ashley says:

    Funny, we used rice crispy treats in our fondant Rapunzel cake. Bettijo, it was crazy. CRAZY. Not sure why I was talked into such madness, but made for a fun party!


  28. Chrissy says:

    LOVE these ideas. I’m throwing a Tangled party for my little girl next month and will be using many of these ideas.
    Just curious – how much yarn did you buy for the big braid?

    • blank bettijo says:

      I wish I already had yellow yarn in my stash but alas I did not. So I just bought one of the regular-size balls of yarn — the least expensive brand I could find. We hardly made a dent in it to make the braid, but since the ball only cost $2-3 it is still a very cost effective decoration! If you’re lucky enough to have a ball of yellow yarn on hand you should be all set. We also ended up using the yarn to tie down the sky lanterns that we sent off (for more on that see this post: http://pagingsupermom.com/2011/01/tangled-birthday-party-games/)

  29. Marvelyn says:

    Wonderful ideas and so well executed! My daughter has been planning her own Rapunzel party since we saw the movie last December, but the ideas you have shared here will finally bring it all together. The invitation is absolutely darling! I can’t wait to show it to her. Thanks for sharing so many links, ideas, and pdfs. You are very generous!

  30. Danica says:

    Thanks for the great ideas and the pictures! My daughter wants a Tangled party in April and I am trying to figure out how I am going to tackle such a task.

    • blank bettijo says:

      Glad you found our site — we’ve got loads of Tangled ideas. I have two girls and they both LOVED the movie. Good luck with you’re party. We had a pretty fun time at ours. Hugs! –b

  31. Janna says:

    Can I just say THANK YOU!!! My four year old is wanting a “Rapunzel” party and I’ve been having nightmares about tacky themed cups and plates…. NO MORE! Praise the Lord. Now I can’t wait to plan her party… thanks so much for sharing your talents.

  32. Jen says:

    Thank you for this post! I was able to plan an amazing party for a very happy Tangled fan.

  33. Sara Sue says:

    Oh my goodness thank you so much Supermom!!! My little one will be 5 and absolutely loves Tangled. I am just like you you, drives me crazy all the themed plates and goodies to go along with it, thanks so much for all the great ideas to make her party a hit without all that. I have a few ideas of my own to go along with. LOVE LOVE LOVE the tower cake!

  34. Michelle says:

    What a beautiful party – you have such great ideas! My daughter is turning 4 in May and wants all things Rapunzel, so your post has helped me in so many ways with the planning! I just made the hair braid for the door and it is gorgeous! I wonder if you would share your recipe for the orange butter?

    Thank you!

  35. Addie says:

    Thanks so much for the great ideas. After seeing all of your fun Tangled themed things I took the invitation idea and created a fun movie night invite for some of our favorite friends now that the movie has come out. They loved it and I had even more fun making it!

  36. Kelly says:

    Wow, I really like these ideas. I thought I was all alone planning these kind of parties for my children. Everyone has always told me I go way over board. But, really I like doing it and my kids appreciate it. I am wondering… Where did you buy that great cake stand? Thanks for the ideas!! :)

    • bettijo says:

      The cake stands are from Mosser Glass. We’re planning a post in the future with great party basics and that stand will certainly be among them.

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  38. Hallie says:

    This is so sweet. I, like you, am not a fan of ‘character’ themed parties. I’ve been able to avoid them with my 4 year old so far! This is such an adorable and tasteful spin on a ‘character’ party. Great work!!

    • blank bettijo says:

      Thanks Hallie! This was my first time having to work around a character — I figured sooner or later I wouldn’t be able to sway her any longer, and this 5, going on 6-year-old knew just what she wanted as soon as she walked out of the movie! I’m glad we were able to create something that both she and I could love. Meanwhile, my younger daughter decided she wants a Snow White party. Hopefully we can pull of a similarly great event. More details on that in a month or so! –bettijo

  39. Kim L says:

    Just when I stated to buy under the sea decorations, my daughter tells me she wants a Rapunzel birthday party (because she had Ariel last year)… I am so happy I found your page. Thanks for the inspiration!!!! I love everything you did. Congrats on the cake!!! It is awesome.

    • blank bettijo says:

      Your comment made me laugh — not sure if I mentioned it in my post, but my daughter had actually wanted a Mermaid party too until she saw Tangled! Good luck with your party ;)

  40. Karyn says:

    This is absolutely stunning! Love all of the fantastic details you put into your DD’s party! She must have LOVED it! This makes me want to have a Tangled party for my DD just because! :) I also would love the Orange Butter recipe. Thanks for the great inspiration!

  41. Mariana says:

    Wow, you are phenomenal! I’ve searched every where for the gorgeous Sun emblem. You really are super mom. Well done!

  42. Love the attention to detail and the affordable means you used to pull it off. Amazing! I’ve posted it on our blog, http://ambiancespecialevents.blogspot.com, it deserved a shout out!

  43. phsummer says:

    These ideas are so creative and cute! I am having a Tangled birthday party for my daughters and many of your projects will come in handy. So what kind of “thank you notes” did you send out???

    • Bettijo says:

      My daughter loves art stuff and several of her friends gave her art supplies at her birthday party, so she used them to make thank you notes. They were fun but not really party related, except for the fact that Rapunzel herself is an avid little artist (I think that is why my daughter fell so quickly in love with the character!)

    • Tiffany says:

      I often do a picture thank you card. I take a group picture or in this case a picture of my daughter (in a tangled dress) and I have about 40 printed with a border (CVS, Walgreens, Walmart all do it) Then I write a short thank you on microsoft word and print on to full sheet label paper, cut it to size and put it on the back of each photo. Then mail em’ =)

  44. Jocelyn says:

    Love, love your ideas! Thanks for sharing!

    But… I tried printing the templates for your invites and the Sun Banner – and both turned out the wrong colour! The invite template was blue, which does not copy well (too light) and the banner was pink suns on green triangles! I checked my ink level on my printer, and all is good. Wondering if anyone else has this problem, or is it just a glitch for me?

  45. Jeannette Walker says:

    Wow, you did an awesome job with this Tangled party! Love your ideas! I’m planning a Tangled birthday party for my daughter. She turns 4 in May. I like the coloring activity & food ideas for her her age group. Your party information reminded me about specifics in the movie! Thanks!

  46. Melissa says:

    I think your party was nice, but if my daughter (who is 6) told me she really wanted certain decorations I would get them for her, because it’s HER birthday party. Do they look a little tacky? Yeah, but it’s made for CHILDREN and let’s face it, kids love tacky. Anyways, you had some really cute ideas, hope she had a blast! :)

    • Bettijo says:

      She DID have a blast! The thing with the Tangled decorations at the party store is also that we didn’t *need* them. We already had plenty of decorations made (and frankly those licensed party products cost TONS more than the decorations I made for her). I should have just been more careful to avoid the display — it’s like the candy in the grocery checkout. You just can’t buy everything you see that you want.

      • Melissa says:

        Sorry, didn’t realize how snotty I sounded till I re-read that, I loved the party ideas – am sure your daughter had a blast! I just meant I am a pushoever lol anyways :) You’re right that making things can be fun/much less exspensive!

  47. Mama Mary says:

    WOW! My daughter is turning 3 next month and wants a Tangled b-day party. I just found your site when googling for ideas and wow you have some great ones. I am WAY less crafty than you are though so I will have to skip the banners and the cake. But the little blue jello boats, are you kidding me? LOVE them!

    • Bettijo says:

      If you’re “not crafty” I’d agree the cake is a good one to skip, but the sun banner is SO easy you can totally do it! Download our Sun Banner Template (http://pagingsupermom.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/01/PrintableRapunzelSunBunting.pdf), and just take this digital file to your local copy place (I love our Office Max copy center). Have them print it out in color — 4 sheets will give you 12 triangles and is a good start or print more if you want a longer banner. Then all you have to do is cut the flags out (they’re straight lines so cutting is easy — you can do it!), then either hole punch or slit with a knife and thread onto string, yarn or whatever you have around. Trust me, this is definitely something a non-crafty can do! Good luck with your party :)

  48. Hollind says:

    Thanks so much for these ideas!! My daughter wanted a “Punzel party” for her 3rd birthday and I was stumped! But now I’ve got tons of ideas, and I’m really looking forward to the party.

  49. Glenda says:

    This is phenomenol! I am so in love with this movie. We don’t have any bdays coming up, but I totally want to have a Tangled party after being inspired by you!

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  51. Emily Lewis says:

    I LOVE you!!! Thank you so, so much for having this party and for posting it!! I have been stressing for months about how to do my daughters 3rd birthday party!! She has worn her Rapunzel nightgown everyday since the day she saw the movie- and it’s now May… let’s just say I needed this information! =) thank you!

  52. Another Mama says:

    One word for your Tangled party- FABULOUS! We started with the super cute invites and used so many of your clever and easy ideas! The tower cake was easy and looked great. We used the little kingdom flags from the 1st page of your big flag PDF for the jello boats- they were the perfect size. We hung paper lanterns and I took your Flynn Rider Frying pan game, but instead blew up the picture with no nose, then downloaded a sheet of funny cartoon noses and had the kids play pin the nose on Flynn. We did a unicorn pinata (for Vladamir who collects ceramic ones) and passed out Rapunzel paints with the little sticker you used for the cups. THANK YOU for inspiring a fully doable, but totally creative party! Looking forward to what you have to offer next year… :)

  53. Rebecca says:

    Hi there! Our party is June 4th. Using a lot of yoru ideas. Thank you!

    Would you be willing to share the recipe for the orange butter?


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  55. Elise says:

    Thanks SuperMom for the wonderful ideas and the banner template! I just did a Tangled party for my daughter and would love to share our decorations with someone so they don’t go to waste! (Too cute to use just once!) We did the banner using the template and the giant braid. I can send pictures if you’d like to see them first. Email me at starcandy2008@live.com

  56. could you please send me the recipe you used for the blue jello?thanks so much…

    • blank bettijo says:

      The blue jello is just Jell-o brand “Berry Blue” flavor. I’ve heard it can be tough to find, but I’ve had good luck finding it at Wal-Mart. When I see it I usually stock up and get a few boxes.

  57. Leah says:

    Hi! I’m so excited to try some of your ideas for our party next week! I have a question about the banner…did you print it on card stock or regular paper? thanks!

  58. Noel says:

    This is amazing! Not to mention a lifesaver. My soon to be 5 year old announced this morning that she wants a Tangled party…the rub is, her birthday is in 5 weeks and we have a fully planned Pinkalicious party and we leave for vacation in a week, so I was seriously starting to stress about how I was going to pull this off. Found your awesome posts googling for party ideas because I was so not willing to go with the pre-packaged party stuff. Tanks for sharing! I will be shamelessly borrowing all of your fabulous ideas!

  59. romanaround70 says:

    My daughters birthday party was a major hit this past weekend. I used most of your ideas and everyone loved it…
    Thank you!

  60. Michele says:

    I love your ideas and execution. Fabulous – so creative and fun! Did you have any ideas on the lanterns from the movie? I’ve looked around and have not found anything I’m excited about. Thanks for sharing your brilliance.

  61. Jessie says:

    hey! so I did an attempt to make the cake/tower – now the pecan rolls i found at the store… they were falling apart to the point where i couldn’t even get them through the dowel… yours look almost like bagels they’re so firm! do you remember what brand you used by chance? Instead I tried doing Pink SnoBall things – and well… they held up for only a little bit and the more decorations i made – it started to get too heavy with the cupcake i had ontop… and it all came downwards.
    Now we’re having a combined party for my daughter and i was going to try to make it again – but im not sure what to use. i dont want to take it to the party and have it collapse again.

    Any help would be great!

    • blank bettijo says:

      I used the Great Value (generic brand at Walmart) for the pecan rolls. I remember thinking they were smaller than I expected but they held up great. Did you see the idea someone had to stack donuts instead? That might work.

  62. katie says:

    I love your ideas. I will be using some/most of them for my daughter’s 3rd birthday party. We are going to use paper lanterns to hang up around the outside and inside of the house. What type of paper would be good to use to make them. Also do you have any good activity ideas. The problem is I have older kids (7 to 11) and younger kids coming, (2-4)

  63. jessie says:

    I got mine from the grocery store – i for some reason couldn’t find them at our walmart. Oh well!

    i think we’re going to try to use either smaller donuts or even bagels for the next tower since now we’re having a combined Tangled party with her cousin next weekend. So hopefully that one will hold up better!



    here is how it turned out, even though you can tell where its falling apart…the cupcakes turned out AMAZING though and everyone was impressed!

    • Bettijo says:

      The cupcakes are SUPER… you’re really good with the icing!! I have such a hard time piping icing — like I said, Thank heavens grass can look messy!!

  64. Leslie Wright says:

    I love your ideas!!! I am planning a Tangled party for my daughter and as a want to be party planner i could not find anything but the cheesy store party items and was trying to figure out how to turn what little the store had around into a cute themed party. i loved all of your details and even the idea with the soup!!!

  65. Melissa says:

    Thanks for the great ideas…here is how ours turned out! We had a great time! http://aprincesspreschool.blogspot.com/2011/06/happy-birthday-princess.html

  66. Jerra says:

    I just love these ideas! I am definitely using some of them for my 3 & 5 yr olds combined party … question though … how did the hazel nut soup go over? I want to make it just not sure if people will like. I also found a recipe for chocolate hazelnut soup. Just wondering if this detail is worth the effort!

    • Bettijo says:

      All the adults at the party LOVED the Hazelnut Soup — the kids were more into the finger foods and of course the Jello Boats, but then I find that my kids normally are the best at eating soup. Anyway, I’d say if you’re going to be having adults at the party it would be worth it, but not so much just for the kids.

  67. karin says:

    The Martha Stewart Large Circle Cutter = for paper? the one you used to make the purple circle banner above the fireplace. Because you fixed tehem together with the sewing machine..? are the circles from textile? Can you make the circles anywere you want with the M. S. Large Circle Cutter? How thick is the brim/ border? What is the recipe from the blue drink? Futher I have to say wonderfull: fery nice work!

    • Bettijo says:

      Yes, the cutter is for paper — I sew paper ALL THE TIME!! In fact, I think I’ve sewed more paper on machine then actual fabric. I have tried using the circle cutter with fabric and it doesn’t work as well because the fabric slides around, whereas the paper stays still. If you could somehow get the fabric not to slip, I’m sure the cutter would work great for it.

  68. Jessie says:

    Since my tower fell apart last time, and we’re doing another tangled (combined) party tomorrow night – i made my tower with bagels and it turned out way better! here are the pictures..


    plus i used wiltons decorator icing already in the can and used that – so its harder and doesnt drip or anything. I took the icecream cone and put purple food colored icing on it and took the knife to make the shingled look. I also added a braid and a few other things!

    • Bettijo says:

      Your Bagel Tower is GORGEOUS!! My tower stayed together with no problem — in fact, it held together so well that we re-used it at a cousin’s birthday party the next weekend (and we didn’t really ever eat it since it sat out so long). But I have been hearing from lots of people who have struggled with getting their towers to stay put, so the bagel idea is great — also saw a lady use simple raised, glazed donuts. It’s fun to see so many creative Supermoms out there! Way to go!!

  69. staci says:

    awesome job!!

    My 3 yr old daughter is LOVING Tangled right now..so much so we are decorating her new bedroom in this theme.
    I’m printing out your sun banner right now…it will be perfect!

    Thank you!

  70. […] I spent some time browsing the internet together. We got a lot of “inspiration” from SuperMomMoments. Then I attempted to stay sane while cramming all the party projects into the week following our […]

  71. This is a SUPER cute party! Found it through pinterest! We just watched this movie last night and LOVED it! You did a wonderful job making this theme!

  72. Evie says:

    Love everything!! I’m doing my rendition of the Tangled party this weekend for my daughter’s 4th Birthday! Where did you get the pink blowouts for the Pascal blowouts? I’ve looked all over, to no avail :( Thanks!

    • Bettijo says:

      I got mine at Wal-Mart — they didn’t have any plain ones, but they did have a package of “Barbie” blowers. The blowout was pink and there was a cardboard graphic slid over the blower part. I just pulled off the cardboard pieces and tossed them — leaving me with the simple pink blowouts I needed. You can also buy plain pink blowouts on Amazon here: http://www.amazon.com/Barbie-All-Dolld-Blowouts-count/dp/B002PUY19E/?_encoding=UTF8&tag=pagings-20&linkCode=ur2&qid=1325787955&camp=1789&sr=8-2-fkmr2&creative=9325

      • Kathleen says:

        I have those ones, exact same brand and package. I bought them at a party store. They are too small! You can’t use them for this craft unless you alter the pattern and make it quite a bit smaller. I tested that out and didn’t like it smaller, so I kept looking for blowers in stores and online; it was frustrating and I spent $10 I couldn’t get back before I even found what I needed.   EDITOR NOTE: The link above has been updated to the Barbie Blowers that I know fit the template.
        The best advice is what you said: Buy the ones with the cardboard cutout and just snip it off (It’s easy). Only problem is that a lot of those I saw aren’t plastic at the end, just paper, so I had doubts they’d still be functioning (wet, chewed paper..?) before the end of the party. I ended up finding the right length, color, material, and price at a dollar store only after I had bought some other poorer ones online. Getting the adhesive foam in the right colors sold individually was also hard and I had to pay for a whole $8 package in order to get all the colors. I found you only need one foam sheet to make 5 (maybe 6) Pascal single faces, so this was a bit of a waste since we had only 10 children at the party. Here’s three tips to add: Try to get blowers that don’t make noise:), let kids decorate Pascal with sequins of matching colors, use one green and one red or blue face per Pascal so he changes moods instead of all one color per Pascal, try yellow or white for fear, purple for dreamy, pink for embarrassed, etc., use the finished blowers in some kind of game (e.g. Tag with a hoard of Pascals after Flynn flicking their tongues, or Pascals guarding purple and yellow ball “gems” that thieves must “steal,” etc.) Thanks for the idea; it was worth the frustration, but I do wish it had been easier on a poor frazzled Mommy!

  73. Jenny says:

    Just wanted to say thank you for posting all of your wonderful ideas! We used many of them to pull together my daughter’s 3rd birthday party last Sunday! Our backyard, though insanely hot in the OK heat, looked amazing! :)

  74. […] princess birthday party, you might also be interested in the free Tangled resources I found on pagingsupermom.com. You’ll find info on how to make a cake that looks like Rapunzel’s tower, how to make an […]

  75. Nikkie R. says:

    Thank you so much for sharing all of your awesome ideas! I used several of them in my daughter’s party this past weekend. She had a blast!

    Here is a link to our blog with some pictures :)


    • bettijo says:

      Nikkie, Your party turned out fabulous!! Thanks so much for sharing the pictures with us. I shared a link to the post on our Facebook wall ;)

  76. Melissa Hermanson says:

    We love all the ideas, especially the floating lantern. Where did you find your fire-retardent rice paper? We can not find anything!! thanks for your help!

  77. jessica says:

    omg i love the sun banners that you used for your party. im turning 13 and i absolutly want to do that for my b day!!!! that was so cool and i will use it someday! your tangled party was the coolest ive seen and gave me lots of inspiration!!!! thank you oh genius one!!!

  78. karin says:

    how smal is the smallest circle you can make with the martha stuward large circle cutter?

  79. Sue says:

    I absolutely adore your tower, and the braid on the door is genius!

  80. Dollar Store says:

    nice post, thanks for sharing….

  81. […] mom would do when planning a child’s party- I googled for some ideas and was thrilled to find this lady.  I completely stole many of her ideas for the invitations, decorations, and activities and added […]

  82. Stacey says:

    Thank you so much for all posts on this party. I was able to use a bunch of your ideas for my daughters party. http://blog.littleavocado.com/2011/08/peytons-5th-birthday-party.html

  83. […] We had a few of her close girlfriends over this morning for all sorts of Tangled fun. To decorate I made a couple of pennant banners and used lanterns like the movie.  There is a template for the pennants on this blog. […]

  84. Julie says:

    You are an amazing inspiration! Thanks for all of the wonderful ideas :-)

  85. Angie says:

    Love your ideas and I think your cake looks great! The icing looks good and I’m always looking for a good icing recipe. Do you mind sharing?

    • blank bettijo says:

      Hi Angie! So I know it’s not exactly super, but when it comes to stressful parties I let myself cheat a bit and use the store-bought icing. I’ve found the pre-packaged cream cheese frosting is actually quite good. So I just colored it and was ready to decorate the cupcakes.

  86. Heidi Snead says:

    Thanks for sharing your ideas…I am also doing a Tangled party for my daughter and was inspired by your talent! I was also thinking about hanging paper lanterns and having a Maximus pinata. We also wanted to do a Tangled obstacle course where each participant has to run a course of all the crafts and events she does waiting for her “life to begin.” :)

  87. Sara says:

    Thank you so much! We are having a Tangled party for my four year old princess this week and I can’t tell you how many times I’ve visited this page to get ideas. You are amazing, and I so appreciate your willingness to share your talents! I’m excited for my daughter to get Tangled in all kinds of fun in a few days!

  88. Margaret says:

    Awesome! My kid’s party is next week. I made the braid today, thank you. I am also making a Tangled tower, but mine is sculpted florist foam with a dowel inside that will be covered with frosting (and inedible) because it was just easier that way, LOL(the kids will have cupcakes). I figured the tower cake probably wouldn’t get eaten here, except possibly by me;)Love it all, the kids will have so much fun.

  89. Penny says:

    Thank you for all of the time you spent posting all of this! We are using almost everything you have posted to create our daughter’s 5th bday party that is coming up!

    Quick question, for the pendant banner you did with the purple and the yellow suns, did you print that out on cardstock?

    Thank you!!

  90. […] 2 or 3 original ideas. I basically “borrowed” every cute idea from either Disney or Super Mom Moments. My mother-in-law was also a lifesaver because she helped me so much with everything! I really […]

  91. […] Large Circle Cutter ever since I saw Bettijo, of Paging Supermom, demonstrating how to make her circle garland on the Martha Stewart show (so awesome!). We’ll I finally got one!!! (Thanks again Mom and […]

  92. Bjanka says:


    I love your cake and want to make it on my own in 3 days. Which frosting receipe have you used and how long does it take untill it melts, when its out of the fridge. I want to take it to a park and I will take about 3 hours untill we can eat it. Do you think the cream would make it and still look good?


    • blank Bettijo says:

      Hi Bjanka! So I know it’s not exactly super, but when it comes to stressful parties I let myself cheat a bit and use the store-bought icing. I’ve found the pre-packaged cream cheese frosting is actually quite good. So I just colored it and was ready to decorate the cupcakes. Not quite sure about melting time. If you’re really worried about it perhaps do a quick test by leaving some frosting out on your back patio for 3 hours and see how it goes??

  93. […] party is this Friday, and I still have lots to do. I’ll post all the party details next week, but first I wanted to share this tutorial for making my Tangled Tower Birthday Party […]

  94. […] Hair braid decoration, food, cake: Super Mom Moments Another blog I used for the cake. Crafty Texas Girls. Pascal party blowers, Flynn Rider game. Super […]

  95. Amy M. says:

    I love this! Thank you so much for all the wonderful ideas. I’m planning for my daughter’s 5th birthday party this weekend. I’ll be posting my photos on my blog next week, and I will be sure to link back. Thanks again!

  96. Such cute ideas Bettijo! I have come across so many blogs featuring these Tangled themed parties and they are so creative! The most I have done is create Tangled cupcakes for a client of mine. After seeing all of this I should think about offering to design the whole party as well!! How long did all of this take you to complete, start to finish?

  97. HALEY says:


  98. […] kids. Coloring is simple and great because kids can easily jump right in as they arrive. For our Tangled birthday party, I downloaded some free printable coloring pages from the Disney website and put them out along […]

  99. Kim says:

    LOVE your party – we’re in full swing preparing for my daughter’s Tangled party at the end of next month and will use many of your ideas!
    I went to ebay and found the Mosser Glass cake pedestals, but there are several sizes. What sizes did you use for your tower cake? My daughter wants a cake EXACTLY like the one you made and I’ve never decorated a cake in my life!
    Thank you for the great ideas!

    • blank Bettijo says:

      Hi Kim, I know the top layer of the cake is on the 6-inch Mosser Glass Milk (their name for the white color) stand. The bottom one is either the 9 or 10-inch one. I have both and can’t recall which one I used. Really I think either one would work fine, and I doubt you’d notice much difference so I’d get whichever one is less expensive, etc. Sorry my memory isn’t more clear.

  100. Pinfluence says:

    I love everything about this party! I featured the Orange Jello Boats on my blog: http://www.pinfluence.com/2011/09/29/fun-food-orange-jello-boats/

  101. LucyS says:

    Hi, Thank you for so many amazing ideas! I have just finished making a yarn braid as it’s my daughters 4th birthday on October 8th and she has her heart set on the Tangled theme. She was in bed while I made it this evening and I can’t wait to see her face in the morning when I show her it. I will however pass on one huge piece of advice… don’t attempt to make the braid if you have a cat(s) around as the wool was super tempting to my moggy getting it ‘tangled’ up on more than one occasion!!

  102. […] If you are looking for more ideas for your own Tangled themed party, be sure to also check out the Paging SuperMom blog. […]

  103. Lyanne Santos says:

    first of all your work is amazing!! well my daughter is turning two and she is in love with that movie tangle. i was planning on celebrating her 2nd birhday as the tangled theme! i would loe to hae that decoration for my daughters party!

  104. Sara says:

    Thank you so much for your ideas, I used several for my daughter’s party a couple weeks ago.

  105. […] flags were found at Paging Supermom. We printed out about 150 flags. Only four cuts were necessary to produce three flags, so it […]

  106. […] ceiling–like it did across the streets in the movie. I made a pennant banner (modifying this template), and used lanterns from my wedding 12+ years ago, and yellow paper sunbursts as the backdrop for […]

  107. Kirsty says:

    Really lovely spread, very creative and imaginative mummy! Love the cake, thanks for the inspiration :) x

  108. chris says:

    You ARE SERIOUSLY THE BEST! Thank you so much for your tips…. My almost 4 year old’s bday is in a few days and she’s Rapunzel obsessed and I have next to no time for anything with a very, very busy 15 month old boy to boot so thank you for the tips! And the awesome banner… I was going to go out and get coloured paper and actually cut and past etc… you saved me so much time!!! Also LOVE the door!

  109. Andrea Finley says:

    I am throwing a Tangled party for my daughter tomorrow. We used foam to do the triangle banner and it turned out great! We also made the braid for the front door and a friend suggested I use toilet paper tubes to keep the three parts seperated. It worked great and I was done with the braid in about 10 minutes. I can’t wait for all the kids to come over tomorrow and have fun.

  110. […] From A World of MusicWill’s Wonderful World of Music #3Twist BallTangled Party Decor & Food // IE Evitar seleccion de texto document.onselectstart=function(){ if […]

  111. Kathleen says:

    Help! I’d love to make another long braid like you had on the door (I already made one.) It seriously took probably one and a half hours with help from others!!! I have extra yarn and I want to hang more hair up and drape it over tables too. Any clue what I could have done to make it take so long? Can anyone chime in on tips to do this more quickly? I read the instructions carefully and I didn’t find it too hard; it just took really long and took effort to get even (I don’t mean perfect, just reasonably even.) Thanks.

  112. Cattis says:

    Ohh, we´re having a Rapunzel birthday party this spring after seeing your lovely pictures with my threeyearold!

  113. Renee Yancey says:

    Did you use purple paper to do your Tangled Sun banner? or did you rely on colored ink? Trying to figure out most cost effective way to do this.

    • Bettijo says:

      Hi Renee, please see my reply to a similar question below. The sun banner template is meant be printed in color on white paper but with 3-up on a page and copy center color copies as low as 59cents a page, you can easily make this banner for just a couple bucks.

  114. laurei says:

    Hi- I am in awe of all the amazing moms here and the beautiful creations everyone has made for there little Rapunzels! Mine is turning 4 in one month and we are in official pre party prep mode! I’m so thankful there are a few things I am not intimidated to try (I’m afraid the cake may be a Publix job) but I do have a quick question that may seem silly regarding the pennant flag..do I print these on purple card stock and the yellow sun will automatically come out or will boatloads of purple ink be necessary to pull this off? Clearly from the query I’m not the craftiest of gals but I’m inspired by all the amazing mamas to try!
    Thanks so much!

    • Bettijo says:

      The sun banner template is meant be printed in color and white paper. If you’re worried it will take too much ink for your home printer, I suggest you put the file on a flash drive snd take it to a local copy center. I think you can get color prints at OfficeMax for about $.59. Since there are three flags per page, for less than $5 you can make a 24-flag banner — and that’s pretty long! I think ours was only 15 flags long.

      • Renee Yancey says:

        Thanks for the update! I tried to skim through all the comments looking for more ideas, and must have skipped right over that one about the banners.. I apologize, after going through I saw many repeat questions, and hated to be that person ;)

        You did an awesome job with your party, and we are stealing lots of your ideas for our daughter’s 4th birthday coming up in a couple weeks.

        • Angi says:

          email me if you’d like my scavenger hunt list and i can send in attachment.

          • kate says:

            Yes. Could you please send me your scavenger hunt list. Thanx

            • blank Bettijo says:

              I’m not sure what scavenger hunt list you’re referring to? We didn’t do a scavenger hunt at our Rapunzel party.

            • Angi says:

              Hi. Here is our scavenger hunt list…have fun!

              Meredith’s Rapunzel Scavenger Hunt

              Directions: This is a self-led, “on your honor” hunt.
              Please leave items where you found them so the next person can find it too. Check off each item after you find it and bring it back to your princess when you have completed every task to be Knighted.

              1. Find an adult and ask them to sing “M-I-C-K-E-Y, M-O-U-S-E” from Disney

              2. Find Pascal, Rapunzel’s pet chameleon

              3. Find Rapunzel playing the guitar

              4. Find Flynn Rider

              5. Give a parent a High-5

              6. Find Gothel, Rapunzel’s evil “mother”

              7. Find Meredith’s Rapunzel drawing

              8. Find Maximus, the kingdom horse

              9. Sing your ABC’s

              10. Find the “bad guy twins” who are after Flynn

              11. Tell Meredith “Happy Birthday” in a whisper

  115. Angi says:

    Hi! Well, after the party my husband asked me if I was going out for “Supermom” of the year! We had the Rapunzel b-day party on Saturday. Thanks to you I was able to throw this together for a stellar event in just one week! We did the flags, made lanterns (out of construction paper), blue jello boats, Rapunzel braids, cookie decorating, Pin Flynn and more. We had a “Scavenger Hunt” and used printouts of different Rapunzel characters that the kids had to find and check off. Upon completion they came back to my daughter and completed the final task of whispering Happy Birthday in her ear and she would knight them with her wand. (I have list if anyone wants it) We also used our tug-of-war rope to do a Rapunzel hair tug of war with purple ribbon tied at the center to mark the cross line. Kids LOVED this game. Finally, we went to the playground and did “Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your hair” from the highest point and then I clipped a boy/girl “prize” that they would haul up. Great Fun. My husband, SuperCraftyDad, made the Rapunzel tower out of cardboard boxes (would love to send you a photo of this) compete with pic of her hanging out the top window. Was going to cut holes for BB toss, but after it was made, we didn’t want to cut into it. HA!
    One thing I didn’t get to was grabbing a stuffed “Pascal” and hiding him in the room in a really tough spot. Was going to let whoever found him take him home. Not enough time.
    Every moment of the party my Meredith was smiling. Can’t thank you enough. I am inspired to do more fun like this. Sincerely, Angi

  116. Renee Yancey says:

    How many does the soup serve? the recipe doesn’t say mention..


    • blank Bettijo says:

      Hi Renee, I feel so bad because I can’t quite recall if I doubled the batch or not. I do know that we had WAY more than enough though for our approximately 20 people. Seems like soup always goes a long way especially with all the other yummy things we had to eat.

  117. Jennifer Marshall says:

    Where can I find the fabric strips that you used to finish off your banner? Do I need to buy full sized fabric and cut them myself or can you buy these already pre cut in assorted colors?
    Thanks so much!

  118. […] cake was the most difficult part, and it was inspired by this cake, this cake and this cake. I started with rainbow bit cake mix, baked two 10″ round cakes and […]

  119. […] cake was the most difficult part, and it was inspired by this cake, this cake and this cake. I started with rainbow bit cake mix, baked two 10″ round cakes and […]

  120. Sandy says:

    Hi …. Simply Amazing.
    I have only recently watched the Martha Stewart show and saw your Wonderful Tangled Party.
    Do you send out Weekly Emails … I would love to join.
    Sandy – Australia

  121. […] Via Share this:TwitterFacebookGostar disso:GostoSeja o primeiro a gostar disso post. from → Aniversário ← Aí vem ela Ainda sem comentários […]

  122. Sara Willoughby says:

    Hi! I love all of your ideas. I am throwing a Tangled party for daughter who’s turning 6 next week. The banner is top on my list for decorations, but my printer died after 9 yrs. I found a plastic purple pennant banner on Oriental Trading & figured I’d find the sun die cut somewhere & glue it on. I can NOT find it anywhere! I’ve searched online, none of my friends w/cricuts have it, I’ve looked at all the local craft & scrapbooking stores & nothing! My last resort is cutting out a template & painting it on. I thought I’d ask you 1st, though, before jumping into that huge project that I need in a week! So…where did you find the sun die cut?

    • Bettijo says:

      We didn’t use a sun die cut. I hand drew the sun on the computer and then created the printable banner from that. I think your easiest option would be to take our printable banner file to a local copy center and have them print… color copies should be around 50 cents each. So for a couple bucks you’d be all set. If you want to use the purple banner you already have, you could try a local scrapbook store to see if they have a sun die, but when it’s all said and done, you might end up paying as much or more for sun die cuts than the couple bucks at the copy center. Just my 2 cents worth ;). Good luck! –Bettijo

      • Sara Willoughby says:

        Thank you! I just might end up printing it…would I just save it to a disk or flash drive & take it to the copy store? I didn’t realize color copies were so cheap. I did look for the die cut at the scrapbook store & nothing. Wish I knew all this before ordeing the banner from Oriental Trading! Thank you!

        • blank Bettijo says:

          I know — I love that color has gotten so much more reasonable — YAY for color! Anyway, it is really too bad about the banner you already bought. Bummer. Sorry!

          As far as getting the PDF file to the copy center — Aimee and I were just discussing this morning the best way — she prefers to email them in, but I take them on a flash drive. Either way works! Good luck to you.

          • Sara Willoughby says:

            I called our Office Depot…just under.70 for the cardstock & copies. Once I take back the paint, sponge brushes & poster board I bought for painting them, I’ll be spending about that! I’m not worried about the banner I already got…the back patio will be decorated w/your banner & lanterns & ‘rapunel hair’. I’m getting a castle jumper for the front yard & will just use the plain purple plastic one to spruce it up out there! =)

  123. 2LiveIsChrist1DieIsGain says:

    Love all the details! We did a small surprise Tangled themed party for a new neighbor and gave Detangler out to the girls as party favors.

  124. [edit] PurposeComputer networks works extremely well in place of a multiplicity of purposes:

  125. […] (it’s not a party without them!), the main decorations were these pennant flags. I got the Sun Banner Template from SuperMom Moments, hole punched each side, and weaved yellow yarn through the […]

  126. […] same yarn was used for a braid that went on the front door. This idea was also taken from Paging Supermom!, which an alteration. One of the moms who’s daughter is also a big Tangled fan told me I […]

  127. […] Supermom Moments There are tons more fun ideas on my summer Pinterest Board!  So have you got a little more Summer left in you? Or are you on to the pumpkins already? What are your Labor Day plans? (We’re planning some summery camping and birthday celebrating…stay tuned!) /* Pin It Filed Under: summer […]

  128. Alison says:

    I was wondering if you knew of a good place to get the watercolor paints for cheap….

  129. […] these “cool flags” that were strewn throught in this scene. We found inspiration on SuperMomMoments.com and used this sun template for the suns. I purchased a cheap plastic banner from Oriental Trading […]

  130. Diane says:

    Thank you so much for sharing your ideas. I am putting them to use this weekend in our first “other than family” birthday party. I can’t wait for the kids to enjoy them!

  131. Anu says:

    Great job, on your Rapunzel’s party!!!!
    I am planning one for my almost 5 year old, so I loved it, when I stumbled onto your page :)))
    2 questions:
    1. How did you get the noses to “stick” on to your poster?
    2. Was this a ‘kids only, drop-off party’ ? If so, how would you word that on an invite?


  132. Dawn says:

    I cannot get the sun banner flg link to work… I love all your ideas and I’m all set tp print them but it’s not working. ;(

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    Love your ideas! I have a Rapunzel party coming up in December. I saw where others had requested the recipe for the Orange Butter. Have you been able to post it yet? I didn’t see it, just wanted to make sure I hadn’t missed it somewhere. I was planning on making homemade butter to go with the Artisan bread and thought Orange Butter would be even better! Thanks for all of your ideas and help!

  135. Jenny says:

    Thank you SO much for all of these wonderful ideas! I used many of them for my daughter’s 4th birthday party last weekend and everything turned out so fun!

  136. […] the designing portion was the most daunting task.  I got inspiration from these blogs: Supermom Moments & Sweat Peas & Sassafras. After about an hour and a half of work, the tower was complete. […]

  137. Adorable! I am featuring your post on a Disney Inspired Birthday link post on my blog. It will go live on February 26th!

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