Happy Pi Day!

Since today is March 14th (3/14) people all around the world are celebrating the mathematical constant Pi (Greek letter “π”), which is equal to approximately 3.14159. We think a day that celebrates math is totally super!

March 14th is National Pi Day! We say eat pie and celebrate math! Learn more at PagingSupermom.com #pi #math

What is Pi? Here is a little math refresher so you can explain things properly to the kiddos: Pi represents the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter. The exact figure has been calculated to over one trillion digits beyond the decimal point, but as an irrational number it is actually infinite.

Okay, enough geek talk… now let’s talk about how to celebrate Pi Day, by eating pie of course!

Since pie making doesn’t really fit into my weekday schedule, I picked up a frozen Marie Callender’s pie at the grocery store… banana cream is my family’s favorite! Go get your coupon for $1.50 off a frozen Marie Callender’s pie.

March 14th is National Pi Day! We say eat pie and celebrate math! Learn more at PagingSupermom.com #pi #math

Not sure which pie to choose? You can read reviews as well as rate your favorite Marie Callender’s pies on their website. Also check out Marie Callender’s blog for party ideas, how-to’s and more ideas for celebrating Pi Day.

I can’t wait to explain all that geeky math stuff to my girls while we eat pie after dinner tonight. I should dig out our Fraction Pie to play with as well. HAPPY PI DAY!

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