Scrapbook: Sisters & Dandelions

Word on the street is May is National Scrapbooking Month. It’s been a while since I broke out my scrapbooking stuff and actually made a page — guess I’ve been a little busy with this. To inspire me to get going again, I was flipping through our family scrapbook and re-discovered this page from a few years ago:

Sisters and Dandelions Scrapbook Page

It was Easter Sunday and our family was all dressed up for church so we had just taken some family photos in the front yard. Attalie found a couple dandelions in the lawn. She picked one and was blowing it. I can’t get enough of that priceless look on little Piper’s face (then just one year old) — I think she was seeing a dandelion for the first time.

What I used…
This page is another good example of the easy patterned paper layout trick — seems like I really do use it all the time yet somehow the pages still manage to feel different. Also to make that embossed, pink strip that says “dandelions,” I used my Dymo Caption Maker, one of my favorite tools (or should I say toy?)

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