Scrapbook: Playing Strange

Playing Strange

Ever since I did my research for our Managing Memories story last year I’ve been dabbling with scrapbooking. I’m following Stacy Julian’s low-pressure approach, which basically means I scrapbook whatever pictures I want and don’t worry about the order they were taken. I find this strategy satisfying because sometimes I feel like making a page about something we did last week, but then other times I feel like reminiscing and making a page out of pictures from the past. It really doesn’t matter because scrapbooking isn’t about perfection, it’s about capturing memories so you can savor them with your family.

Since I’m just getting started and only have a handful of pages so far, my scrapbook is not yet in any kind of order. Interestingly my family doesn’t care — they enjoy looking at the book anyway.

Here’s one of my latest pages. These photos were taken two years ago. One ordinary morning the girls were playing, and I was working. I took a short break to check on them and found Atty playing with her pink kitchen and her underwear was on her head — a chef’s hat I presume? Then a very little Pip was playing INSIDE the toy cupboard. Strange? Yes. But if they’re happy; I’m happy.

If you’ve always wanted to scrapbook but don’t know where to start, I say start with your favorite picture right now. (1) Print off the photo. (2) Take it to your local craft store and pick out two pieces of paper, one patterned and one coordinating sold. (3) Find an embellishment (ribbon, sticker, chipboard shape, etc — there will be a whole aisle to choose from); get some acid-free adhesive; and a package of coordinating letter stickers (I love American Crafts Thickers). (4) Go home and put the page together and feel free to copy any layout you like. For ideas go here or use mine — I’ll be posting more of my pages from time to time.

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2 thoughts on “Scrapbook: Playing Strange”

  1. I too have found a way to get out from under the pile of pictures in my closet. Since my oldest daughter has a scrapbook that goes to Age 5, I’ve decided to get all of my kids books to that same age–so nobody can holler cheat or complain about me in therapy.

    But from 2009 forward, I’m using software to create a family journal. What I love about this method is that I can capture all of the stories, can write more, and i keep the journal going all year long. Like you, I still skip around in the timeline, but the book itself keeps everything in order. I used Blurbs–so much more than a photo book like you can get at Shutterfly. And I’m printing off one book for each child plus one for me to keep when they all leave the nest. At the end of each year, I interview the kids as well.

    I’m told you can also “slurp” a blog into this software to keep a printed copy of everything you posted for the year, though have not tried this myself.

    Anyway – just wanted to share. I think scrapbooking is awesome. I just don’t have the time to do it and got tired of feeling guilty about it.

  2. OH MY – Stacy Julian’s approach is VERY do-able and guilt-free. We interviewed her not too long ago and she made me feel less stressed about being “BEHIND” on my son’s scrapbooks. There is no such thing as BEHIND – right? It’s ok. By the way, your style is fabulous – love this simple page. It’s beauti-ous! Vicky


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