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Super-Tip Tuesday

Jill R., a Supermom of three from Phoenix, Arizona shares:

One of my child development teachers at BYU taught us that, in the mind of preschoolers, imaginary life is real life. Remembering that wisdom, when my kids wake up scared of monsters in the middle of the night, I don’t reassure them that there are no monsters. Instead, I kill those monsters to protect my little ones. I have Monster Spray that kills monsters instantly. The ordinary squirt bottle that I use to do my girls’ hair, becomes “Monster Spray” when needed. I bravely wield the Monster Spray and ask my kids where they saw the monsters. They point to where the monsters were, and I spray that part of the room mercilessly. The monsters immediately disappear, and all is safe and calm again.

The same bottle of water has turned into “Super-Duper Don’t Be Afraid to Swim” spray, which helped calm my son’s fears when it was time to take swim lessons. There were tears and wails of fear, until I remembered the spray bottle. Then I squirted my little guy down, and he was a changed person when it came to swim lessons. No joke.

Hopefully more mothers will arm themselves with similar spray bottles that work wonders.


We love this Super-tip. Thanks Jill! You’ve inspired us, so check back soon for a free “Monster Spray” printable label!

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