Happy Earth Day!

A day in the life of a bean sprout…

GROW BEAN GROW - A Plant Seedling Sprouting Time Lapse Video

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THE STORY BEHIND THE VIDEO: We sprouted several Tiger’s Eye Beans in eggshells for our Earth Day Party (being hosted over at OneCharmingParty.com). Since I’ve had a terrible time in the past growing anything from seed, I was very nervous that my beans would never sprout. The seed packet said 3-10 days to emerge, but the man at the nursery had told me it would probably be 3-5 days. So a week after planting I had nearly given up on my little seeds, but then a miracle happened — I spotted a green sprout bursting up.

The Making of a Seedling Time Lapse Video

My husband and I were amazed by how quickly they grew once sprouted. It was almost as if we could observe them changing right before our eyes. We were inspired to try to capture their rapid growth. It was actually the perfect day for it, with kids home sick on a Sunday morning we set up a tripod and started snapping photos every 15 minutes. We’d set the timer and go over snap, snap, snap.

Twelve hours later, it was time for bed. I debated getting up all through the night to continue our project, but my need for sleep got the better of me. I’m happy to report that our little seedling sprout is now growing busily away in our backyard garden.

Happy Earth Day!

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