Warm Clothes for Chilly Mornings

Super-Tip Tuesday
Mary N., a Supermom of two girls, from Iowa, said:

I’ve found something that helps my littles get out of bed in the morning! We live in Iowa, and it’s getting chilly in the mornings. When I walk in their rooms and say, “Myah, Macy…good morning girls…time to wake up,” I get some groaning and moaning — mostly because they’re in their footie jammies and all snuggly under the blankets. (And let’s be honest, who really likes to crawl out of warm covers and take off warm jammies?) I’ve discovered that if I put their clothes in the dryer for about 10 minutes or so before I wake them up, my girls get up and dressed with no grumbling! They love that their clothes are just as warm as their jammies. (Sometimes we use this trick on bath towels, too!) I love knowing I can wake them up and keep them happy, snuggly and smiling.


What a great way to get your morning off to a warm start despite the dropping temperatures — thanks Mary for that Super-tip! You can read more about Mary and her adventures with her girls on her blog.

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