Paper Ladybug Craft

Darling Ladybug Craft from with free #printable #ladybug #kidscraft

Going along with our Ladybug Math Worksheet from yesterday, we bet your kids will get a kick out of making their own Ladybug, complete with a mason jar home of her own. She’s the perfect pet!

Darling Ladybug Craft from with free #printable #ladybug #kidscraft

I think we might even find a spot for her on our mantle this spring and summer. For instructions and the free printable template, check out our guest post over at

Darling Ladybug Craft from with free #printable #ladybug #kidscraft

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  1. This is such a precious idea!! Definitely the perfect pet – no maintenance. And I can’t help but think that REAL ladybugs will be grateful to you to not be caught and put in a jar. ; )

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