The Good Egg


After Easter we’ve always got lots of hard-boiled eggs leftover. You too? Well today I thought I’d share my favorite way to eat them up.

I never used to eat hard-boiled eggs except on Easter Sunday when I’d dread losing an egg fight because at our house loser has to eat the broken egg. As far as I’m concerned that yellow yolk part is unpalatable. Then I saw my sister eating a hard-boiled egg — yolk and all — not even on Easter because she lost an egg fight, but just because she wanted to. CRAZY! I thought.

Her secret? Sriracha. Have you ever tried Sriracha Chili Sauce? It’s that neon red stuff with the bright green cap. It’s crazy spicy, but I love it. (If you like hot stuff you simply must try it.) And it makes hard-boiled eggs spectacular. I guess it’s only fitting since there’s that rooster on the side of the bottle. With Sriracha in hand I can down eggs no problem… bring on the egg fights!

Of course there is always egg salad sandwiches. What’s your favorite way to eat up leftover Easter eggs?

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