Scared Silly

labeled jar

With Halloween days away, I just finished making another batch of our Scared Silly Snack Mix. I find this treat not only frightfully delicious but a great last-minute hostess, teacher or neighbor gift as well. Simply combine your favorite seasonal treats (My favorites are listed below.) in a large bowl, pour into glass jars (or cellophane bags), label and deliver. To make it even easier, download our free Scared Silly Snack Mix label.

Cheese-it crackers
Chocolate or yogurt-dipped pretzels
White chocolate chips
Pretzel sticks
Candy Corn
Candy pumpkins
Candied orange slices (I found sugar-coated Halloween gummy bats at our local health food store.)
Reese’s pieces
Whoppers (I used a specialty orange-colored pumpkin variety.)



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3 thoughts on “Scared Silly”

  1. Cute idea. Just wish I had checked the site sooner, before going visiting. You make it easy by giving us the instructions, recipes and labels to copy. Keep up the good work.

  2. I’m honored to have partaken in the eating of the ‘Scared Silly’ snack mix given to my folks… YUM! Thinking of making some myself this weekend. You make it too easy :)


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