Winter Olympics Craft Idea: Russian Dolls

Download Free Printable Russian Dolls for the Sochi Winter Olympics at

Our families love the Olympics, and we had a lot of fun with Olympic craft ideas for the London Games. With the Winter Games opening in Sochi tomorrow night we thought we’d share some updates to put a Russian spin on things. Our favorite Olympic craft project from last time was the family Olympic Time Capsule. If your family did a time capsule too, it’s time to dig it out and let the kids see how far they’ve come! (We’d also love to see so share a photo on Instagram and be sure to tag @PagingSupermom and #SupermomMoment.)

Olympic Time Capsule Project at

We updated our printable time capsule memory book so now you can make one for the Sochi Games. Go here for all the Olympic Time Capsule instructions and download our free printable Sochi Olympic Memory Book template.

Download Free Printable Russian Dolls for the Sochi Winter Olympics at

Two years ago for the Summer Games we made fun Royal Guard soldiers that we played with and then tucked away inside our Olympic Time Capsule. For the Winter Games in Sochi we are making a Matryoshka Russian Doll Craft. Download our free printable Sochi Olympics Russian Dolls template, and see below how you can use them a bunch of different ways…

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Make an Olympic Time Capsule

Olympic Time Capsule Free Printable Memory Book

Since the Olympic Summer Games only come around every four years, it provides a perfect milestone for doing a family time capsule project. As parents it seems like we constantly marvel at how fast our children grow. Creating a time capsule to be opened during the next Olympics provides a unique opportunity for your kids to see for themselves how far they’ve come!

How To Make An Olympic Time Capsule #olympics

First you’ll need a container for your Olympic Time Capsule. We raided the recylce bin and found an Oats container that was a perfect size. A glass jar could also work well. We decorated our container with torn scraps of paper in the Olympic-ring colors.

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Changing of the Guard

Buckingham Palace Queens Guard Craft Figurine London England

Buckingham Palace Queens Guard Craft Figurine London England #olympics #london

The Olympics provide such a great opportunity to teach children about other countries, which is why I love the international flag sugar cookies from this Olympic-themed party (also check out the Olympic Ring Wreaths on the wall — SO CUTE!) Since the Summer Games are in London this year, I wanted to do something fun with my boys that would help them learn a little more about England.

When we go to visit some day one of the must see things for my boys will be the changing of the guard at Buckingham Palace. Around Christmas time you’ll often see toy soldier ornaments made out of old fashioned clothespins, I knew my boys would love playing with an troop of the clothespin Queen’s Guard soldiers so I decided we should make a bunch.

Make Queen's Guard Soldiers Kids Craft London England Buckingham Palace Changing of the Guard #olympics #london

Begin by painting the top section of the clothespin with red acrylic craft paint.

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