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You’ve probably noticed by now that most of our printables come with some sort of story — like yesterday my boys insisted on a bunny cameo banner, the bunny cameo door decoration was because Bettijo wanted something springy for her door… Well, my friends, today’s printable is no different.


I’m always on the search for simple quiet activities for my boys. (Aren’t we all?) I especially appreciate activities that have a learning or creative thinking component. So when Harrison was “sewing” his lacing wooden toys the other day, I thought I may as well make an Easter version to bring to church on Easter Sunday.

What I like most about lacing toys is that they can be a quiet activity, they encourage our little ones to use their fingers and they help with pattern practice. Pattern practice? Yes! I never thought of this until I overheard a Supermom one day explaining the pattern. I always would explain up, down, up, down and so forth, yet I never made the connection for my boys about it being a simple, AB pattern. What a perfect way to introduce the math concept at an early age!

Free Printable Easter Egg Lacing Activity via @PagingSupermom

TO MAKE: Download your Eggcellent Sewing printable (links below). Print out on card stock and laminate (optional). Using a regular office-size hole punch create holes around the perimeter of the egg shape. Of course don’t forget the shoe lace (you could substitute yarn or string with the ends taped) to do the lacing.

Free Printable Easter Egg Lacing Activity via @PagingSupermom

Free Printable Easter Egg Lacing Activity via @PagingSupermom

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