Don’t Miss the Caravan!

I’m so excited to share with you a new shop from a couple Mommy designers I admire.

caravan shoppe worldmap printable

I know, AMAZING, right?

Let’s back up a little, I love looking at designer blogs. Among my favorite is reading about Melanie’s work (Fifth & Hazel) and Alma’s (Ollibird). Luckily for me (and perhaps you?) they are on Instagram, too… and since I love Instagram, I follow (or arguably stalk) a few inspiring designers — Melanie and Alma included. So when they both started promoting Caravan Shoppe, you bet I was refreshing my feed anticipating a launch of something fabulous. And when I linked over, I was not disappointed. I mean seriously, isn’t this perfect for Liam’s new room? And for only $5? It’s a no-brainer!

As I clicked around, I continued to be inspired. This DIY Nativity Puzzle is perfect for gifting this upcoming Christmas season. And what child wouldn’t giggle at these?

Oh, and when you visit their site, be sure to click the “confetti please” button on the left for a fun surprise!

Melanie and Alma are offering our readers 25% OFF their entire order with code supermom25! Offer expires Friday night at Midnight (PST).


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