Black Beauty Worksheets and Quotes

Recently we worked with our friends at Wild+Free on this month’s content bundle called BEGINNINGS. In case you’re not yet familiar with Wild+Free — it is a homeschool community that publishes a monthly packet of educational activities and ideas. We think the bundles are great for non-homeschoolers too, and our favorite part is the book club ideas that are included each month.

Wild+Free Beginnings Bundle via @PagingSupermom

Printable Black Beauty Worksheets and Book Club Ideas

This month’s book is Black Beauty, and we created a bunch of fun worksheets for kids young and old, that go along with all the fun ideas for how to host a Black Beauty book club.

We also shared frameable art prints of our favorite quotes from the book…

Printable quotes from Black Beauty via @PagingSupermom

I love this quote about wasting time SO MUCH that I wanted to share a free printable of it with you all. I put this up in my kitchen to remind me to make every minute count.

Printable quotes from Black Beauty via @PagingSupermom

You can purchase the BEGINNINGS bundle here. (You can also get a free preview bundle.) Hope you all have a wonderful day!

Download the Free Printable Black Beauty Quote

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