Pirate Birthday Party Printables

Ahoy there! We know hoards of ye enjoyed the Pirate Playdate. Some of ye mateys pointed out these ideas would make great party games and activities for a pirate-themed birthday party. Aye Aye! We couldn’t agree more.

A bunch of great free printables for a Pirate Party via @PagingSupermom

Avast! Today is International Talk Like a Pirate Day (a big thanks to Aleah for reminding us). We been decidin’ to share a few more freebies to round out our swashbuckling Pirate Party collection. Arrr!

Free Printables for a Pirate Party via @PagingSupermom

What else do ye need to have a terrrrrrific Pirate Birthday Party? How about printable Cupcake Toppers that double as decorative stickers for party favors or plastic cups. Trim the sails with this here printable Pirate Banner (we also included instructions for how to customize the banner with your wee lad’s name). Shiver me timbers, o’ course you can’t be havin’ no party without a way of spreadin’ the word to the other scurvy dogs. So here be a free Printable Invitation to fill in with all the party details. This invitation can also be personalized with your party details.

Fish Crackers served in a bucket at a pirate party

:: Download the Pirate Party Templates Pack
:: Download the Pirate Party Banner
:: Download the Pirate Party Invite
:: Get a Personalized Pirate Party Invite

Aye! Aye! Ye be welcome.

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9 Responses to Pirate Birthday Party Printables
  1. Aleah says:

    Thanks for the link-love, Bettijo! What a super way to start my week! And thanks again for all the great pirate ideas, argh!

  2. Patti says:

    Did you know that today was the official “talk like a pirate” day? Perfect timing.

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  4. Danny says:

    Just tried to look up the banner printable and it goes to a pumpkin seed planting thing..HELP!…

    a lost pirate mommy ;)

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